ITMS Conference Registration with PayPal

Conference Registrations made using PayPal include a fee to cover transaction charges levied on the ITMS by PayPal

Registration Fees for the conference and all meals:

          ITMS Member - $340.00

          Non-Member - $400.00

(Cancellation Policy)


ITMS Member/Non-Member
Handicapped/Special Needs

$195.00 (single room for three nights - per person)
          $120.00 (shared room for three nights - per person)

If sharing, preferred roommate

Additional Lodging Fee:
Wednesday, June 14 - $65.00 (per person - no meals)

Wednesday Additional Night

Additional Lodging Fee:
Sunday, June 18 - $65.00 (per person - no meals)

Sunday Additional Night

Optional Excursion to the Cottage:
Thursday, June 15 - $25.00 (per person)

Optional Excursion to the Cottage

Daggy Youth Scholarship Fund:

         Donations to the Daggy Scholarship Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.