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Pallis, Marco, 1895-1989

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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1963-1968, 1983

Volume: 34 item(s); 103 pg(s)

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Marco Pallis was a mountain climber, scholar on Tibetan Buddhism, and author of books about his travels, Eastern religions, and the Buddhist-Christian dialogue. He is most known for his book, Peaks and Llamas. Pallis was born of parents of Greek origin, but was born in England. George Zournas, a friend of Pallis, put him in touch with Merton. Pallis helped Merton prepare for his journey to the Asia and provided contacts and suggestions. (Source: The Hidden Ground of Love, pp. 463-464.)

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See also published letters from Merton to Pallis published in The Hidden Ground of Love, pp. 463-477.

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 1963/06/25 HLSto Mertonin case you feel surprised at receiving letters from a stranger, let me explain that I have written   
 1963/07/16 HLSto MertonMany thanks for your letter. I am indeed sorry that when visiting Louisville last year I was then   
 1963/07/no? TL[c]from MertonFirst of all, I hope you will forgive the typewriter. I do not type well, but my writing is worse,Yes  
 1963/08/08 HPCSto MertonThe things you sent here arrived and have brought much joy as well as profit: to read something  [verso: color photograph for postcard labeled, "THE PRESBYTERY, NORWICH CATHEDRAL"]
 1963/10/04 TL[c]from MertonI am sorry to use this machine, especially as I shall not be using it in an exemplary manner, havingYes  
 1963/10/11 HLSto Mertonyour letter of October 4th has long been unanswered and meanwhile the most welcome gift of your   
 1964/09/10 HLSto Mertonit is some time since we exchanged letters, but now an occasion presents itself. The musical group   
 1964/09/23 TAL[c]from MertonI see that I have let this reply go too long, but I hope it will reach you before you leave England.Yes  
 1964/09/28 HLSto MertonYour letter found me still at home: we sail (Deo Volente) on October 1st. October 24th is the day   
 1964/10/17 TAL[c]from MertonProbably the best thing would be to come out somewhat early on the morning of next Saturday,Yes  
 1964/12/04 HLSto Mertonit seems a long time since we walked together round the outer court of the abbey and sat under   
 1964/12/10 TL[c]from MertonThanks for your very welcome letter. I had hesitated to write before I knew that you were backYes  
 1964/12/17 HLSto MertonPlease forgive my using professional note paper, but temporarily I have been out of any other   
 1965/01/23 HLSto Mertonyour book, and the other articles and essays you sent were all very welcome. (The copy of "Cithara"   
 1965/01/25 HLSto MertonThis is just to acknowledge the book, several essays, and "Cithara": I have already started a long   
 1965/03/10 TL[c]from MertonYour splendid letter of January 23rd is much appreciated, except that in beginning to reply I amYes  
 1965/04/18 TL[c]from MertonYesterday two more books arrived, Shuon on the Self and Guénon on the Crisis of the Modern World.Yes [labeled "Easter 1965"]
 1965/06/11 HLSto Mertonseveral of your letters are still partly unanswered; I was going through them again the other day.   
 1965/06/17 TL[c]from MertonThis more or less immediate reply to your excellent letter, not a complete reply yet, is dueYes  
 1965/08/13 HLSto MertonYesterday we were speaking of you most particularly, with our mutual friend Fr Aelred Graham who   
 1965/10/14 HLSto Mertonherewith a small token of my love: this ikon (Greek, probably Macedonian in origin, of date c. 1700   
 1965/11/14 TL[c]from MertonI have owed you two letter for some time, and recently papers came about the painting that is beingYes  
 1965/12/05 TL[c]from MertonWhere shall I begin? I have never received such a precious and magnificent gift from anyone in myYes  
 1966/02/20 HLSto Mertonit is time I wrote to you in your hermitage; otherwise there would be no reason to intrude on your   
 1966/03/11 TL[c]from MertonSince receiving your letter of February 20th I have given it much thought. It was very good of youYes  
 1966/05/28 TL[c]from MertonI forget when it was that I last wrote you about the very important matter you set before meYes  
 1966/10/12 HLSto Mertonthough not writing often (which under the circumstances would be unnecessary) you remain constantly   
 1966/12/24 TL[c]from MertonThis is Christmas Eve, and with the festivities I will probably not write letters for a few days,Yes  
 1967/01/15 HLSto MertonYour letter at Christmas brought us much joy: we constantly think of you both in prayer and   
 1968/06/16 TL[c]from MertonI cannot seem to find your last letter but I am sure it has not been answered for the simple reason   
 1968/06/21 (#01)HLSto MertonYour letter has just come and as I am about to go away for the week, I hasten to reply.   
 1968/06/21 (#02)HPCSto MertonHere is the address of my Japanese friend, which was omitted from the air letter posted to you this   
 1983/08/07 TL[x] from Shannon, William / to Marco PallisI have been appointed by the Merton Legacy Trust as the general editor of the Thomas Merton Letters.  seeking certain letters and any others
 undated/no/no other MERTON-MARCO PALLIS LETTERS  Shannon's typed transcriptions of this correspondence with his notes

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