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Anderson, James Bruce

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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1963-1964

Volume: 7 item(s); 8 pg(s)

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James Bruce Anderson served as editor for a journal of poetry called the "Charlatan" published by the Trinity Episcopal Church in Iowa City.

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SeriesDateTypeTo/FromFirst LinesPubFull TextNotes
 1963/10/04 TLSto MertonTrinity Parish is going to publish a journal of poetry, prints, and essays, to appear twice each  asking permission to publish some of Merton's poetry
 1963/10/29 TL[c]from MertonPlease forgive the long delay. I have been wanting to send you something. All my poems are "out"  Merton sends notes on Julien Green / asks if Anderson wants "abstract 'calligraphic' drawings"
 1963/11/03 TLSto MertonThank you very much for the commentary on Julien Green for CHARLATAN. We did not expect to get  details of publication / requests calligraphies from Merton
 1963/11/06 TL[c]from MertonWell, then: here are some calligraphies. They may turn out to be a little radical for you. The  group of calligraphies entitled "Flying Signatures" / other series "Animal Forces" and "Vegetal Forces" / Prof. Herbert Burke / Ernesto Cardenal / Latin American poetry
 1963/11/25 HLSto MertonDue to the tragic death of the president we have decided to include a separate section of poems  Kennedy's death / publishing of Merton's drawings / art collector interested in drawings / Fr. Roselip sending poems / Chinese and Taiwanese poets
 1963/12/01 TL[c]from MertonNo, I am afraid that the murder of President Kennedy has left me inarticulate. If anything deserves  Saint John Perse / selling of his "non-pictures" / recommends poet Ned O'Gorman
 1964/09/26 TL[c]from MertonThanks for your note: I am relaying the information to Cardenal, Seminario de Cristo Sacerdote, La  comments for publication on 1964 presidential election between Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater

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