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1964/February/14 (#02)

Series:  28  Black Revolution and Cold War [unpublished book in this form, see also "Seeds of Destruction"]

Type:  TAN by Fox, James 

# of pages:  1

Published in:  

First Lines:  "RE: BLACK REVOLUTION AND COLD WAR (new title: SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION) By Father Louis Merton"

Contents:  "Black Revolution and Cold War" [unpublished book / many sections published as Seeds of Destruction] - [later draft (compare to Item #01)] Imprimi potest dates for individual articles from proposed book: "Black Revolution: Letters to a White Liberal." "The Legend of Tucker Caliban," "Peace, Christian Duties and Perspectives," Christian Ethics and Nuclear War," "Christian Action in World Crisis," and "Letters in Time of Crisis"

Language:  English

Source or donor:  Gethsemani Abbey Archives

Date received:  2013/12/01

Date added:  2014

Unique identifier:  Section A- "Censors Reports:" Series 28:    1964/February/14? (#02)