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Series:  18  Ascent to Truth

Type:  TLS[x]  from Sortais, Gabriel / to James Fox  "Censors Reports"-->

# of pages:  2

Published in:  

First Lines:  "En vous envoyant le 17 de ce mois mon IMPRIMI POTEST pour "Thirty-seven Meditations", je vous"

Contents:  "The Ascent to Truth" [book] and "Thoughts in Solitude" [book, under draft title, "Thirty Seven Meditations"] / [for original letter, see "Fox, James" file, Series 5]

Language:  French

Source or donor:  Gethsemani Abbey Archives

Date received:  2013/12/01

Date added:  2014

Unique identifier:  Section A- "Censors Reports:" Series 18:    1956/August/24