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Series 65: Osborne, Arthur (editor). The Mountain Path., 1.2 (April 1964), (Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai).

Box# - Folder#:  3 -

Item#:  1

Creator:  Osborne, Arthur, 1906-

Date or Range:   no-day April 1964

First Lines:  I said in my last editorial that the quest for Realization is the great enterprise, the true goal of life. Yet one often hears the objection: 'But

Sub-Type:  Periodical


Copy Type:  Printed material

Number of pages:  126

Language:  English

Notes:  Marginalia: contains underlining and other marks by Thomas Merton. See other issues of The Mountain Path (used by Merton or contain a review on him, but with no marginalia) in "Merton-Related Periodicals" section.