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War and the prayer for peace. Excerpt from A Thomas Merton reader.

Item 1 - Wojna I modlitwa o pokój: Papiez Pawel VI ustanowil 1 stycznia Międzynarodowym Dniem Modlitw o Pokój

First Lines:  U korzeni wszelkich wojen tkwi strach: nie tyle strach ludzi przed soba nawzajem, ile strach, jaki

Sub-Type:  Published material


Copy Type:  Printed material

Date:  January no-day, 1979

Number of pages:  6

Additional authors/contributors:  Tarnowska, Maria; translator

Language:  English

Notes:  W drodze 7.1: 54-59. Includes translations of the following sections from Chapter Seven, "War and the Prayer for Peace": "The Root of War Is Fear," "Moral Confusion," and "On Praying for Peace" (pp.276-282).

Location:  Archive - File Cabinet 8