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1. Albert Camus - peste (Date: 1967/06/01) - "I sit here with a wind breaker on. It is dark. As far as I am concerned it was.."
2. Albert Camus - peste (Date: 1964/08/09) - "Where can I ever read all the novels one is supposed to read? I am, however, f.."
3. Albert Camus - peste (Date: 1964/08/09) - "La Peste-understandable in the light of Bonhoeffer's admirable prison letters..."
4. Albert Camus - peste (Date: 1966/06/19) - "The great and deliberate flaw in Camus - a flaw on which he insists - is the ".."
5. Albert Camus - peste (Date: 1967/04/01) - "Doing some notes on Camus' Plague - (background) for the booklet I am to write.."
6. Albert Camus - peste (Date: 1967/05/06) - "Very curious. This morning I begin my work on Camus' Plague and last evening c.."
7. Albert Camus - peste (Date: 1967/07/13) - "I wrote a pamphlet on Camus's Plague for Seabury Press and thought I'd dedicat.."
8. Albert Camus - peste (Date: 1967/08/11) - "I wonder if you would enjoy the little commentary on Camus's Plague that I wro.."
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