International Thomas Merton Society

Bellarmine University

Daggy Scholars

Feedback - ITMS Conference

San Diego, June 9 - 12, 2005

“The ITMS Conference was a tremendous experience and opportunity to delve into Merton and locate him not simply as a historical figure, but as an individual continually in conversation with those who are searching for a way towards peaceful existence within themselves and within the world.”
- Tim Shaffer

  “A fascinating experience to be surrounded by such deep minds and wise souls. Merton is serving as a marvelous vehicle for bringing people of spirit together to share knowledge, stories, and life. Not least among these were the Daggy scholars, who astounded me with their abilities and their concern for our world. No more intriguing and inspiring group of young people have I been a part of.”
- David Golemboski
  “I was thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the Merton Conference. I enjoyed hearing from people about the impact of Merton's life/spirituality/writings on their lives and the world, listening to the impassioned talks of keynote speakers, learning more about Merton myself, and connecting with new people.”
- Rachel Werenski
“My experience at the Merton Conference was life changing, and I felt honored to have been a part of it ... through knowing him I have wanted to help change the way people view the world and themselves for the better, so we can begin to live more united and peaceful ... the conference was a breath of fresh air because I learned that there are people who care to change this world for the better, and not simply talking about it, but actually trying to embed within people the possibility that it can and must be done. I hope that this FIRE we started at the conference will spark a fire within the various people we speak to about Merton.”
- Kimberly Kennedy

2005 Daggy Scholars
San Diego, California

  “Describing the Ninth ITMS meeting as "inspiring" is an understatement. The energy there was contagious, the panels were enlightening, the discussion was engaging, and the keynote addresses were heartfelt and impassioning. Merton's spirit was certainly manifest. It was a great spiritual blessing for me to have shared this faith affirming experience with such a diverse crowd, people also interested in what Merton was so successful at doing in his own life: transforming the deep silence of faith into real, audible, and tangible action.”
- Rob Peach

“It's hard to summarize the Merton Conference in a sentence or two because it was such a deep experience: truly a union of minds, hearts, and souls. I was very moved just to be there and to be a part of a community devoted to studying Merton's writings as well as actually applying his beliefs to the troubled world we live in.”
-  Mark Murray
  “As for the conference, I felt it was a very new and enlightening experience. I learned a lot about Thomas Merton as well as other invaluable life lessons from the many wonderful people I met. I feel I was truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful opportunity as a Daggy Scholar.”
- Colleen Halligan
  "My experience at the conference was truly phenomenal. Being able to meet and discuss topics that I am passionate about with such a diverse and extraordinary group of scholars and Merton fans was an experience that was both intellectually and spiritually inspiring."
- Laura Bentivegna

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