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Nuclear war

Author:  White, Patrick, 1912-

Date:  1983

Imprint:  Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1983

Decription:  1 sound cassette (42 min.) : 1 7/8 ips.

Format:  Audio - CAS.  Lecture

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Notes:  "I have derived immense comfort, hope, faith, inspiration from a great American, the Cistercian monk-teacher-activist Thomas Merton. Initially a contemplative religious, Merton's spiritual drive was aimed at halting the dehumanization of man in contemporary society, a sickness he saw as leading to mass violence and ultimately nuclear war. War of any kind is abhorrent. Remember that since the end of World War II, over 40 million people have been killed by conventional weapons. So, if we should succeed in averting nuclear war, we must not let ourselves be sold the alternative of conventional weapons for killing our fellow men. We must cure ourselves of the habit of war."