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Wulff, Augustine, Fr., O.C.S.O., 1899-1985

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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1960

Volume: 15 item(s); 16 pg(s)

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Fr. Augustine Wulff was a Trappist monk of Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky.

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 1960/12/08 HCSfrom MertonCordial good wishes and congratulations - may Our Lord reward your gift of yourself with ever more   
 undated/no/no (#01)TLSfrom MertonI am in a quandary-- even worse than usual. A Negro family I know wanted to have a coat of arms   
 undated/no/no (#02)TPCSfrom MertonOn this feast of the great Doctor of the West May God bless you in all things, especially in your   
 undated/no/no (#03)TL[c]from MertonIt seems Jose will be around for a few days yet, and you may be seeing him. You might perhaps be   
 undated/no/no (#04)HNSfrom MertonThank you for letting me see these two new ones. "Last Summer" is reflective and poignant and I like  Merton's comments on some poems written by Wulff, "Last Summer" and "Elfin Echo," which Merton describes as "maybe a little Scotistic - in the ending? (Haecceitas). So much the better."
 undated/no/no (#05)HNSfrom MertonFor some reason I like <u>God's Acre</u> almost the best of all you have written, though it is  Merton's comments on some poems written by Wulff, "God's Acre" or "God's Ace" (handwriting not clear)
 undated/no/no (#06)HLSfrom MertonWell, as Passiontide approaches you can hardly do better than embrace the Cross, and there is  recommendations about censorship process in the order / difficulty of publishing poetry as a book / suggestions of places to submit poetry
 undated/no/no (#07)HLSfrom MertonI enjoyed both these very much. <u>Progression</u> - (which perhaps has too many "ands") is very  Merton's comments on some poems written by Wulff, "Progression" and "Sea Cycle"
 undated/no/no (#08)TNSfrom MertonNow that they have got away from me I am a little stuck when it comes to commenting articulately  Merton's comments on some paintings by Wulff
 undated/no/no (#09)TNSfrom MertonI have a Benedictine magazine that is in [damaged portion of page] needs good things to be pulled  Merton's recommendations on where to publish some poems written by Wulff including in <u>Sponsa Regis</u>
 undated/no/no (#10)HNSfrom MertonI'll have some one bring up the Shavings- The Synchrony I admit rather baffles me the other it grows  Merton's comments on some poems written by Wulff, "The Shavings" and "The Synchrony"
 undated/no/no (#11)HNSfrom MertonFr Augustine + Returning with many thanks - A good time was 'ad by all! In Domino [-] f m Louis  [verso: handwritten note not in Merton's writing]
 undated/no/no (#12)HNSfrom MertonDo you mean to tell me a Pekinese is an <u>animal</u>? I suggest it be staged on Christmas Day  [verso: handwritten note not in Merton's writing]
 undated/no/no (#13)TNSfrom MertonDo you have some English language course for Spanish speaking people? I would like to borrow it  English course for two new Spanish-speaking postulants / Wulff writing to Evaristo Flores
 undated/no/no (#14)TNSfrom MertonIt was not that I forgot to return this delicate threnody, but one of the novices was copying it,  sadness about discontinuing the liturgical practice of the Lenten curtain / postulant who was a Redemptorist priest and a Spanish speaker living in Brazil

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