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Ricci, Patricia Ellen, 1934-2010

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Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1963-1964, 2011

Volume: 12 item(s); 22 pg(s)

Scope and Content

This files contains original correspondence between Merton and Patricia Ricci. Merton sends his "Notes on Art and Worship," and other essays and poems, some with handwritten signatures and inscriptions. Items sent were: “The Christian in Time of Change” (typescript essay), “The Early Legend” (mimeographed essay), “The Legend of Tucker Caliban” (signed and inscribed mimeographed essay), “Letter to a Papal Volunteer” (mimeographed essay), “The Name of the Lord” (mimeographed essay, two copies), “News from the School at Chartres” (mimeographed poem), “Notes on Art and Worship” (signed and inscribed, bound mimeographed essay), “A Ruler’s Examination of Conscience” (mimeographed essay, two copies), “The Tower of Babel” (offprint soft cover reprint). Above items were transferred to manuscript sections of collection under the respective titles.


Patricia Ellen Ricci (later Patricia Ellen Doyle in marriage) was a teacher, designer and graphic artist from Chicago, Illinois. Patricia Ricci asks Merton's permission to use quotes from some of his writings on cards she had designed for the Carmel of Reno, Nevada.

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SeriesDateTypeTo/FromFirst LinesPubFull TextNotes
 1963/05/29 HCSfrom MertonI was glad to get your letter – don't remember a thing about the other one. I wonder if I ever got  [verso: "Statue of St. Bernard (by Peter Watts)"] permissions for using Merton quotes for cards designed by Ricci - Merton praises her card of Mechthild of Magdeburg
 1963/07/02 TLSfrom MertonPlease don't be angry if I didn't answer your last two notes immediately. Honestly, I have such  rules about visiting the monastery and meeting with Merton / permission to use Merton's material
 1963/10/20 HLSfrom MertonThose notes on art finally got mimeographed so I am sending you a copy  Merton gives permission to use sections of "Notes on Art and Worship" including for her classes; however, he states they are not to be published - sends uncorrected mimeograph of "Notes on Art and Worship"
 1964/01/30 HPCS[x]from MertonThe new cards are very fine – I particularly like the one you did for my   
 2011/09/19 TLSto Center from Doyle, Thomas B.It was a pleasure talking with you. I appreciate your willingness to accept the correspondence   
 2011/09/20 TLSto Center from Doyle, Thomas B.After talking with you today, I found a small group of prayer cards/bookmarks that Patti had done   
 2011/09/20 otherto Center from Doyle, Thomas B.Patricia Ellen Ricci [-] Born: July  Curriculum vitae, biography and catalog of know works
 undated/no/no (#01)HPCS[x]from MertonI hope your trip to the west was successful and enjoyable. Here are a couple of things to read when  [on the same page as 1964/January/30]
 undated/no/no (#02)HCSfrom MertonJim Forest keeps telling me to write to you. Now I have received the cards from Reno.  [verso: "Statue of St. Bernard (by Peter Watts)"]
 undated/no/no (#03)other His one Image is in us all, and we discover Him by discovering the likeness of His Image in one  [two cards made by the Carmel of Reno - one with a quote by Merton and one with a quote by 'Abd al Wakid-Ibn Zaíd]
 undated/no/no (#04)other[x]from Merton+ for Pat Ricci with very best wishes and blessings [-] f m Louis  [signed with an inscription for Ricci on the title page of "Notes on Art and Worship" - see also Sub-Section D.9 for original]
 undated/no/no (#05)other[x]from Merton+ for Pat Ricci - I thought you might be interested. Blessings- Tom Merton.  [signed with an inscription for Ricci on the title page of "The Legend of Tucker Caliban" - see also Sub-Section D.9 for original]

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