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Hart, Patrick, Br., O.C.S.O., 1925-2019

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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1954-1980, bulk 1954-1969

Volume: 96 item(s); 116 pg(s)

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Br. Patrick Hart was Merton's last secretary. In his earlier years at the monastery, he went by the religious name Br. Simon. He continued to foster Merton's legacy through the interviews he has conducted and through editing many of the collections of Merton's essays, journals, and correspondence.

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See also published letters from Merton to Hart in The School of Charity, pp. 305-306, 319-320, 343-345, 350, 398-399, 404, 406-408 and 411-417.

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 1954/06/06 otherfrom Fox, JamesHas litteras perlegentibus fidem facimus atque testamur, Nos ad majorem Dei gloriam Sanctorumque  [relic authentication certificate for bone fragments from St. Simon the Apostle given by Dom James Fox, Abbot of Gethsemani Abbey. To Br. Simon (Br. Patrick Hart) on the day of his temporary or simple vows, Pentecost 1954 - the certificate was folded and found in 2021 among a collection of mimeographs by Thomas Merton]
 1957/no/no? TNSfrom MertonFor the Censors of the Cuban Journal (Secular Journal is now the proper name) The author's viewpoint  [undated (likely between 1957 and 1958) with "Bro. Simon" handwritten at the top]
 1964/03/18 TLSto MertonTo quote from the General's letter to Rev. Father of March 14: "C'est donc entendu, comme vous me   
 1966/02/17 (#01)TANSto MertonWhat do you think we should do about this request? Brother Pius doesn't have any color photos  [verso: Merton's response - see record two of the same date]
 1966/02/17 (#02)HNSfrom MertonTell them I can't be caught, am to agile. Too many pix lately anyway! I enjoyed seeing your good  [verso of Br. Patrick's note of the same date]
 1966/04/no? HNSfrom MertonMany thanks for your note and bon-voyage. It's great that someone will actually start working   
 1966/06/19 TLSfrom MertonThanks for your note from Monte Cistello and the quote from Maritain which in no way surprised me.Yes  
 1966/07/04 TL[c]to MertonCome sta Lei? (That's about as far as my Italian will take me for the moment, so let's return to  [from Monte Cistello, Rome]
 1966/11/16 (#01)TALSfrom MertonMany thanks for the beautiful little Peguy book which arrived some time ago, also for your card,Yes  
 1966/11/16 (#02)TL[c]from MertonMany thanks for the beautiful little Peguy book which arrived some time ago, also for your card,Yes  
 1966/11/24 TALSto MertonIt was a real delight to receive your letter, and I am trying hard to adjust to your new name, which  [dated "Thanksgiving Day 1966" - from Monte Cistello, Rome]
 1966/12/13 HCSfrom MertonThanks for your letter- joy and peace to all the gang there. Keep us in your prayers, we need them!  [verso of Christmas card: black and white photograph of a black child leaning on a wooden fence with the message "I AM CHRIST"]
 1967/01/31 TALSto MertonYour Christmas greetings and welcome note were much appreciated as it was the only Christmas  [from Monte Cistello, Rome]
 1967/04/03 HCSto MertonWe were all distressed to hear of your recent hospitalization. I hope the operation was not too bad  [dated "Eastertide 1967" - April 3 postmark]
 1967/08/15 (#01)TALS[x]to MertonYou will soon be receiving a letter from Dom Francisco of Frattocchie, although Fra Filiberto  [from Monte Cistello, Rome]
 1967/08/15 (#02)TALSto MertonYou will soon be receiving a letter from Dom Francisco of Frattocchie, although Fra Filiberto  [from Monte Cistello, Rome - encloses card with color photo of mountains, wooden cross trees and a quote in Italian from Galatians 6:14]
 1967/08/23 (#01)TALS from Merton to Timothy Kelly and Patrick HartI guess it is ok to answer you both with a single letter. Your letters came about the same timeYes [addressed to both Br. Patrick Hart and Fr. Timothy Kelly in Rome]
 1967/08/23 (#02)TAL[c] from Merton to Timothy Kelly and Patrick HartI guess it is ok to answer you both with a single letter. Your letters came about the same timeYes [addressed to both Br. Patrick Hart and Fr. Timothy Kelly in Rome]
 1967/09/01 (#01)TLSfrom MertonI forgot Fr Timothy wasn't there. Maybe you sent the letter on to him. Meanwhile I have finishedYes  
 1967/09/01 (#02)TL[c]from MertonI forgot Fr Timothy wasn't there. Maybe you sent the letter on to him. Meanwhile I have finishedYes  
 1967/09/04 HLSto MertonMany thanks for your letter, which I forwarded to Tim at Mont-des-Cats. Since then Filiberto has  [from Monte Cistello, Rome]
 1967/09/28 TALSto MertonYour note of September 1 reached me only last Monday when I returned from my retreat-- no mail  [from Monte Cistello, Rome]
 1967/10/09 TL[c]from MertonMany thanks for the photos. I'll go through them and all the others I have since I got, and will   
 1967/10/14 (#01)TLSfrom MertonWell, it is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and I had better do some atoneing [sic] by writingYes  
 1967/10/14 (#02)TL[c]from MertonWell, it is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and I had better do some atoneing [sic] by writingYes  
 1967/12/04 TLS from Hart, Patrick et al. / to MertonMust tell you immediately how completely delighted we all are with your quick, bristling, kind  [see "Doerner, Linus" file for original - from Gethsemani monks in Rome (all have separate correspondence files) - Linus Doerner, Timothy Kelly, Barnabas (Fr. Patrick H. Reardon), Felix Donahue, and Patrick Hart]
 1968/01/19 TL[c]to MertonIt was a great joy to receive news of the community's choice of Father Flavian as Abbot  [from Monte Cistello, Rome]
 1968/06/13 TALSto MertonIt has been a long time since I last heard from you, directly at least. However, I can well imagine  [from Monte Cistello, Rome]
 1968/09/05 (#01)TLSto MertonAll the addresses of the libraries are listed here with MONKS POND, but I can find nothing for  [verso: note from Merton]
 1968/09/05 (#02)HNSfrom MertonI could use <u>15</u> copied of Aelred. Thanx. [sic] Sister Therese [-] 3516 West Center St  [undated - verso of note from Br. Patrick of 1968/09/05]
 1968/09/17 HLSfrom MertonHi! Everything was fine in New Mexico-- now I'm leaving for Alaska. In New Mexico I stopped at the  [from Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert in Abiquiu, New Mexico]
 1968/09/18 HLSfrom MertonI just tried to notarize this but it's utterly impossible with the present form. It has to be  [from Alaska]
 1968/09/20 HLSfrom MertonI haven't had much time for letter writing - pretty busy with the nuns to whom I am giving  [from Eagle River, Alaska]
 1968/09/24 HLSfrom MertonThanks for latest letters and Mass stipends. May come in handy - never know when I will fail to be  [on stationery of Christ in the Desert Monastery in New Mexico, but Merton writes "Alaska" in the top corner]
 1968/09/26 TLSfrom MertonThanks for the latest mail, including the New Orleans archbishop etc. Maybe you could reply to BpYes [from Anchorage, Alaska]
 1968/09/27 HLSfrom MertonHere is the address of Mrs Johnstone - to whom <u>Selected Poems</u> and <u>Raids on the</u>  [from Anchorage, Alaska]
 1968/09/30 (#01)TL[c]to MertonMany thanks for your fine letter of the 26th from Anchorage which came this morning. Will take care   
 1968/09/30 (#02)HLSfrom MertonI'm still in Alaska - but leaving day after tomorrow. Could the bookstore please send <u>Sign</u>  [from Anchorage, Alaska]
 1968/10/02 HLSfrom MertonI'm leaving today after two very fruitful weeks. Expect to find some mail in Santa Barbara tomorrow  [from Anchorage, Alaska]
 1968/10/03 TALSfrom MertonJust got here today, found letters, pix etc. Many thanks. Actually I don't need to give you power  [from Santa Barbara, California]
 1968/10/07 HLSfrom MertonThanks much for all the material sent here. I'm returning the Ave Maria letter and the  [from Redwoods Monastery in California]
 1968/10/14 HLSfrom MertonI am sending a couple of checks - when they are made out to Fr Louis they are a little hard to cashYes [from San Francisco - on stationery for the "Committee of Southern Churchmen"]
 1968/10/21 (#01)HLSfrom MertonI got the first package of you sent here - many thanks. Thailand and India have been wonderfulYes [from Calcutta]
 1968/10/21 (#02)other Novice at wheel causes death [-] Hindustan Times Correspondent [-] New Delhi, Oct. 29- A labourerYes [Merton sends a newspaper clipping with two articles checked: "Novice at wheel causes death" and "Shoe-lifter arrested"]
 1968/10/25 HLSfrom Merton2 packets of letters today. OK to use notes on Future of Monasticism in the new magazine.Yes [from the Oberoi Grand Hotel in Calcutta]
 1968/10/27 HLSfrom MertonThank God this silly meeting is over - I am making a sort of day of recollection and getting back myYes [from Calcutta]
 1968/10/29 HLSfrom MertonDelhi is a big improvement over Calcutta. Better climate, nice city, and quite a few TibetanYes [from New Delhi]
 1968/11/02 TLSto MertonMany thanks for your two letters which arrived yesterday, appropriately All Saints Day-  [dated "All Souls Day 1968"]
 1968/11/05 HPCSfrom MertonI am in this sort of country only better. And higher upon the mountains. Have been making a good  [verso: color postcard of mountains around Dharamsala - taped to black and white photograph of Merton and Amiya Chakravarty and others in Calcutta]
 1968/11/06 TALS[x]to MertonWell, it appears that we have a new President, and I can't say I am overjoyed. Still, as the old   
 1968/11/09 (#01)TALS from Merton to FriendsThis newsletter is not a reply to mail because I have not been getting mail on this Asian tripYes [from the Hotel Imperial in New Delhi - titled "ASIAN LETTER 1."]
 1968/11/09 (#02)TLSfrom MertonI rolled in here this am at five, after a long night ina [sic] train. I took this opportunity whileYes [from the Hotel Imperial in New Delhi - verso of second page of "ASIAN LETTER 1." addressed to "Friends" of the same date]
 1968/11/10 TALSfrom MertonI typed out the notes for the Bangkok talk but didn't have carbon paper and anyhow I guess it needsYes [from the Hotel Imperial in New Delhi]
 1968/11/11 HLSfrom MertonOK - thanks for all the mail here in Calcutta- I arrived this AM and found the USIS closed butYes [from the Oberoi Grand Hotel in Calcutta]
 1968/11/15 TALS[x]to MertonWonderful to receive your card from New Delhi the other day and yesterday your ASIAN LETTER I,   
 1968/11/19 HLSfrom MertonI am just finishing a few days of solitary retreat in the Himalayas. I managed to get permissionYes  
 1968/11/25 TALSfrom MertonIt is late at night at I am dropping from fatigue and ready to get to bed as early as possible, butYes  
 1968/11/27 HLSfrom MertonBob Lax informs me that <u>Emmett Williams</u> wants some stuff of mine in an anthology of concreteYes [from the Connemara Hotel in Madras]
 1968/11/no? HCSfrom MertonBest wishes to everybody. I will try to write a long letter about the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan  [from Dharamsala, India - printed with drawings of yaks and a phrase with the translation "May you have a long life, free from illness, full of happiness and prosperity."]
 1968/12/03 HLSfrom MertonI have not written before from Ceylon because of a postal strike here- and am not certain thisYes [from The Galle Face Hotel in Columbo, Ceylon]
 1968/12/05 HLSfrom MertonI got the Singapore mail at American Express here today- including a nice newsy letter of FrYes [from Raffles Hotel, Singapore]
 1968/12/08 HLSfrom MertonI am in Bangkok- down town at a hotel, but leaving in a few minutes for our meeting place- about 30Yes [from Bangkok]
 1969/03/24 TALS[x]to Editions Albin MichelYour letter addressed to "Father Abbot" was received and turned over to me for reply. Father   
 1969/04/18 HLSfrom Tadié, MarieThe Abbot General, Dom Ignace Gillet, gave me your name as being the person who looks after Father   
 1969/04/28 TL[c]to Tadié, MarieMerci bien for your welcome letter of April 18th in regard to the unpublished works of the late   
 1969/07/26 (#01)TLSto Center from Hart, PatrickHere are a couple of items for the Collection. Japanese edition of THOUGHTS IN SOLITUDE, and also   
 1969/07/26 (#02)TNSto Center from Hart, PatrickPS. I am also enclosing photocopies of correspondence between Father Louis and myself during his   
 1980/03/27 TLSto Center from Hart, PatrickThis is a quasi-official letter to say that my letters to Father Louis (Thomas Merton) can be shown   
 undated/no/no HNfrom Merton1. Geography of Lograire to. New Directions (pay Mrs Karam.) 2. Climate of Monastic Prayer.   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonCleaning out files, I know this is not cricket, but there is a lot of material that should perhaps   
 undated/no/no TANfrom MertonCongratulations. Off to a good start. Keep it up, and by all means get after the Ninian Book too,   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonCould you please get this to F. Paul for censorship - Harpers Mag. wants it for November issue,   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonDid a novitiate copy of Monastic Studies come? I got one for myself as contributor - can we have   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonDir Bruder Patrig [-] Og tank vor de bladet mini tank cant rid a damting [-] Must be gud tho,   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonHere are two memos referring to problem of disposal of mss etc. in case of death or something.   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonHere's another one. I guess it could be stenciled too. 50 copies ought to be plenty. One or two   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonHere's mailing list for the mag. Third issue just coming out. Wd you be willing to take care   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonI am sending to New Directions the ms of Geography of Lograire. Have not checked it all through   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonI don't know if this will be one of your last official acts, but anyway will you take note of this   
 undated/no/no HNfrom MertonI sent them a filled in questionnaire - a report is to be prepared some time. They may write for   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonI will be in St. Anthony's Hospital a few days. Could you send on letters until I call?   
 undated/no/no HNS[x]from MertonI wrote him several months ago. Said it wd be different to find publisher. The ms is on the chest,   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonMany thanks - I could use 6 or 8 of each one of the books - If this is too much for mailbox maybe   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonMany thanks for the poetry ms-- beautifully done. Fine. I'll leave one of the carbons with you   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonMany thanks indeed. Always glad to get a pleasant surprise. What I like best about this one   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonMay I please have a new ordo - urgent!! Thanx in Jesu [-] fr m Louis   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonMay I please have some of the notepaper with the new letterhead - (very effective)? Do you have   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonMay I please have Xerox copies of all our contracts with Sudamericana? Needed for important   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonNo need to keep letters unless you yourself think you need them. I leave you to judge. The letter   
 undated/no/no other QUESTIONNAIRE relative to the themes to be discussed in Group [-] This questionnaire has been  [Merton has annotations throughout this questionnaire about the monastic life and applicability of Western monastic forms in Asia - Jean Leclercq, O.S.B. is referenced throughout]
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonThanks for the contracts. The main one is missing. It is for Collected Works. Is this around?   
 undated/no/no HN[x]from MertonThis is excellent. I made a couple of notations, but merely as queries, you can decide - I like it   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonThis is the important one. Can I please have a Xerox of this? I will hold the others while this   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom Mertonto Censors. is a bit Dynamitic... handle w. care?? Thanx in   
 undated/no/no HNSfrom MertonWill you please extract from the out-going mail my letter to Prof Harry Cargas, St Louis?   
 undated/no/no TNSfrom MertonYour Celtic monasticism seems very good. I have no criticism to offer. If the Collectanea doesn't   

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