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1955/August/20 (#02)


Type:  transcript - Transcript copy of a letter, i.e., re-typed or re-written after orignal and often by another person. Often typed version of a holograph orignal.

To/From:  to Merton from "Paul VI, Pope, 1897-1978"-->

# of pages:  2

Published in:  Thomas Merton and the Noonday Demon

First Lines:  "I am writing to you with a good deal of delay, I know, and on your one question which would have"

Contents:  [English translation of letter of the same date from Montini] regarding whether Merton should leave Gethsemani and join the Camaldolese / advises against this change for practical reasons - Camaldolese unstable at present, leaving Gethsemani would scandalize readers - Merton should listen to his heart but obey his abbot

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Date added:  2004

Unique identifier:  Section A- "Paul VI, Pope, 1897-1978:"    1955/August/20 (#02)