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The "Laughlin, James, 1914-1997" file

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Series:  1  Original Merton-Laughlin Correspondence with occasional letters from others copied to Merton.

Type:  TLS[x] - Xerox copy of a typed signed letter.

To/From:  from Merton to "Laughlin, James, 1914-1997"-->

# of pages:  1

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First Lines:  "Here is the chapter of the book by Gordon Zahn. He is talking about the way the German Catholic"

Contents:  censorship trouble with "Peace, Christian Duties [and Perspectives]" / predicting trouble with censorship for Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander - idea of privately mimeographing materials and distributing them - sending "Conjectures" to Ping Ferry to copy and distribute - "A Letter to Pablo Antonio Cuadra Concerning Giants"

Language:  English

Source or donor:  Harvard University, Houghton Library

Date received:  2010/05/25

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Unique identifier:  Section A- "Laughlin, James, 1914-1997:" Series 1:    1961/December/16