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The "Stone, Naomi Burton, 1911-2004" file

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Type:  TL[x] - Xerox copy of a typed letter (not signed).

To/From:  from Merton to "Stone, Naomi Burton, 1911-2004"-->

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First Lines:  "For the past few days there has been in the monastery guess who: one of the censors. Fr Abbot got"

Contents:  [copied from Sub-Section H.7, Hart Working Files - original of letter was likely signed but the bottom of page is cut short] Fr. Paul Bourne, censor from Conyers, Georgia (Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit Trappist Abbey) / problem of censorship - censors proposing editorial changes and not objections to faith and morals - should consult editors and not report to Abbot General / Paul Bourne's objections to Art and Worship / The Wisdom of the Desert / essay "Christianity and Totalitarianism" for Cross Currents

Language:  English

Source or donor:  Hart, Patrick, Br., O.C.S.O.

Date received:  2016/05/01

Date added:  2016

Unique identifier:  Section A- "Stone, Naomi Burton, 1911-2004:"    1959/April/16