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The "Roseliep, Raymond, Fr., 1917-1983" file

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Type:  HNS - Holograph (handwritten) signed note. Note used for very brief mailed correspondence or intramural message.

To/From:  to Laughlin, James from "Roseliep, Raymond, Fr., 1917-1983"-->

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First Lines:  "To Mark Van Doren, Tom Merton's ideal of a friend and teacher [-] Raymond Roseliep 17 May 1969"

Contents:  [handwritten note on page clipping (pages 53-54 of The Catholic World, May 1969) with Roseliep's poem, "thomas merton" and article verso by Rosemary Haughton, "Signs of the Times"]

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Unique identifier:  Section A- "Roseliep, Raymond, Fr., 1917-1983:"    1969/May/17