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The "Lax, Robert, 1915-2000" file

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undated/no-month/no-day (#03)


Type:  HNS - Holograph (handwritten) signed note. Note used for very brief mailed correspondence or intramural message.

To/From:  to Merton from "Lax, Robert, 1915-2000"-->

# of pages:  3

Published in:  

First Lines:  "Dear T [-] will be sending bks retorts islands nxt. wk [-] D. [-] ooooooo [-] bbbbbbb [-] ppppppp"

Contents:  [not published in Biddle's book / one page of a handwritten note and two pages from a typewriter]

Language:  English

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Unique identifier:  Section A- "Lax, Robert, 1915-2000:"    undated/no-month/no-day (#03)