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Series 34: Gransden, Antonia. "The Reply of a Fourteenth-century Abbot of Bury St. Edmunds to a Man's Petition to be a Recluse," English Historical Review (1960) LXXV (296): 464-467.

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Date or Range:   no-day no-month 1960

First Lines:  It is well known that some monasteries in the Middle Ages had cells for recluses in their precincts. For example there were anchorages at Westminster,

Sub-Type:  Periodical


Copy Type:  Printed material [xerox] with holograph notations

Number of pages:  2

Language:  English

Notes:  Marginalia: contains underlining and other markings by Thomas Merton. Contains introduction in English. Merton's underlining is on Latin text by 14th century abbot.