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Series 59: Muir, Edwin, 1887-1959. Various book reviews: Collected Poems, and Essays on Literature and Society.

Box# - Folder#:  2 -

Item#:  2


Date or Range:   no-day March 1966

First Lines:  After his Autobiography (Hogarth, 1954) and his Collected Poems (Faber, 1960, and finally to be published in their final and complete

Sub-Type:  Periodical


Copy Type:  Printed material [xerox]

Number of pages:  1

Language:  English

Notes:  Marginalia: contains underlining and other marks by Thomas Merton. Robert Hollander, review of the Essays on Literature and Society by Edwin Muir [Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1965), Journal of Modern Language 4 (March 1966): 171.