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Notes on sacred art

Item 1 - THOMAS MERTON: NOTES ON SACRED ART [-] Conferences given to the Scholastics,

First Lines:  What is Sacred Art? PREAMBLE We apply the term sacred art to products of human genius,

Sub-Type:  Published material


Copy Type:  Xerograph of printed material

Date:  October no-day, 1957

Number of pages:  26

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Language:  English

Notes:  Newsletter of the Catholic Art Association, College Committee [Detroit], a Supplement to the Catholic Art Quarterly. The article was serialized in the following issues of Volume IX: 2 (October 1957), pp. 3-4; 3 (November 1957), pp. 13-16; 5 (January 1958), pp. 3-7; 8 (April 1958), pp. 9-13; 9 (May 1958), pp. 16-20. The final page states that the essay was continued in the June issue, but the publication ended at Section V or VI.

Location:  Archive - File Cabinet 7