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Manuscripts in Sub-Section D.2:

Race—peace and rights (miscellaneous papers 1963-1967)

Item 1 - 

First Lines:  Contents 1. Christian Action in World Crisis 2. In Acceptance of the Peace Medal 3. A Martyr

Sub-Type:  Manuscript


Copy Type:  Mimeograph

Date:  October no-day, 1967

Number of pages:  178

Additional authors/contributors:  

Language:  English

Notes:  Item sent by Palo Alto College, San Antonio, Texas. It was part of a donation of books given Mariana Scuros Ornela (Marianne Scuros), (1949-2017). One other copy (OCLC #270150449) from The Carter Burden Collection of American Literature at The Morgan Library and Museum in New York.

Location:  Archive - File Cabinet 13