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1. Alex Haley - Autobiography of Malcolm X (Date: 1967/04/28) - "I am reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X, which is an impressive book. Took.."
2. Edwin Muir - Autobiography (Date: 1966/08/13) - "Yesterday my arm hurt so much I could hardly type a letter (to Dame M[arcella .."
3. Edwin Muir - Autobiography (Date: 1966/10/04) - "Here is uncorrected bit on Muir, thought you would like it. His literary essay.."
4. Edwin Muir - Autobiography (Date: 1966/08/21) - "Do you know Edwin Muir? You must have read some of his poems. I am sure you wo.."
5. Edwin Muir - Autobiography (Date: 1966/08/00) - "By the way I am reviewing the collected poems of Edwin Muir, and incidentally .."
6. Edwin Muir - Autobiography (Date: 1966/07/30) - "Can you help me with some more books? I have to review Edwin Muir's collected .."
7. Edwin Muir - Autobiography (Date: 1966/04/22) - "Many thanks for the Pavese books. I am well into one of them and he is a marve.."
8. Boris Pasternak - I Remember: Sketch for an Autobiography (Date: 1958/12/15) - "Kurt W. [Wolff] has sent me the Essai autobiographique [written as the introdu.."
9. Boris Pasternak - I Remember: Sketch for an Autobiography (Date: 1959/04/14) - "Thank you also for I Remember. You have presented it very attractively, and I .."
10. Boris Pasternak - Safe Conduct: An Autobiography and other Writings (Date: 1958/05/29) - "Finished Pasternak's Safe Conduct and felt as if I must at once begin to read .."
11. Boris Pasternak - Safe Conduct: An Autobiography and other Writings (Date: 1958/08/22) - "I have not yet had the pleasure of reading your recent autobiography although .."
12. Henri Perrin - Priest and Worker: The Autobiography of Henri Perrin (Date: 1964/04/13) - "This would be the fiftieth birthday of the Worker Priest Henri Perrin if he we.."
13. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Third Eye. The Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama (Date: 1957/10/22) - "A thrilling and terrifying and fascinating book-The Third Eye by a Tibetan lam.."
14. Teresa of Avila - Autobiography (Date: 1942/11/21) - "All these things I read in St. Augustine: the Commentary on the Psalms, the Bo.."
15. Mark Van Doren - Autobiography of Mark Van Doren (Date: 1958/10/12) - "Then on Friday Mark Van Doren's autobiography came and I have begun it, gettin.."
16. Leonard Woolf - Downhill Alle the Way. An Autobiography of the Years 1919-1939 (Date: 1967/10/18) - "Last evening at supper (wild rice, barbecued beans, knocked out my stomach) I .."
17. Yevgeny Yevtushenko - Precocious Autobiography (Date: 1963/09/20) - "Finally-[Yevgeny] Yevtushenko's autobiography [A Precocious Autobiography, 196.."
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