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1. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1947/03/10) - "Tomorrow I begin the retreat. Yesterday I read a couple of chapters of The Clo.."
2. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1947/10/26) - "The only thing that gave me any relief today was when I looked in The Cloud of.."
3. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1959/12/02) - "Knowles on the English mystics. How much I love the 14th. century and how trul.."
4. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1961/08/26) - "Finally, three wonderful chapters in the Cloud of Unknowing on Martha and Mary.."
5. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1962/05/19) - "Rereading The Cloud-working over the essay on the English Mystics. Why? I hard.."
6. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1949/12/30) - "I like Kenneth Patchen's Dark Kingdom, but it does not do anything beyond inte.."
7. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1960/11/17) - "Some important books which I recommend to you can be obtained from Harper Brot.."
8. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1968/01/16) - "For about a year I have been giving conferences on Sufism here to the monks, b.."
9. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1961/05/15) - "I have heard of The Mirror of Simple Souls. It is attributed to Marguerite Por.."
10. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1961/07/01) - "I like the Penguin edition of the Cloud. It is clear and easy for the contempo.."
11. Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1964/12/08) - ""¦ In such solitude as I have now I have been renewing my contact with Lancelo.."
12. William Johnston S.J. - Mysticism of the Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1964/05/29) - "Thanks for your letter of the 13th. Your project on The Cloud and Zen sounds i.."
13. William Johnston S.J. - Mysticism of the Cloud of Unknowing (Date: 1967/05/12) - "I am at present reading a most revealing book by a Japanese scholar, Toshihiko.."
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