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1. Christopher Dawson - Historic Reality of Christian Culture: A Way to the Renewal of Human Life (Date: 1961/07/21) - "I agree with these propositions in C[hristopher] Dawson's excellent book, The .."
2. Johan Huizinga - Homo ludens : a study of the play-element in culture (Date: 1963/07/19) - "The following are the questions, with Merton's answers: 1. Name the last three.."
3. Werner Wilhelm Jaeger - Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture / Gilbert Highet (translator) (Date: 1960/12/24) - "Snow is melting a little. Quiet afternoon of Christmas Eve. Read a book of New.."
4. Janheinz Jahn - Muntu: African Culture and Western World (Date: 1967/07/20) - "It is good news to hear you can perhaps use Bantu philosophy in your new book,.."
5. Lewis Mumford - Culture of Cities (Date: 1941/11/27) - "Or do I want to go to Gethsemani because it is a perfect society, even in the .."
6. Josef Pieper - Leisure, The Basis of Culture (Date: 1959/12/10) - "I have finally gotten around to reading Pieper's fine little book Leisure, The.."
7. Ezra Pound - Culture (Date: 1939/08/24) - "Ezra Pound's new book Culture is perfectly lousy, his writing disgusting, his .."
8. Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki - Zen and Japanese culture (Date: 1967/07/18) - "Suzuki books: one of the best to start with is a big fancy book called Zen and.."
9. Paul Tillich - Theology of Culture (Date: 1959/09/04) - "For some time I have owed you this letter acknowledging your kind gift of Love.."
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