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1. Petrus Abaelardus - Epistolae (Date: 1964/01/18) - "I wonder if anyone reads the monastic letters, etc. of Abelard. They are full .."
2. Ammonas - Ammonii Eremitae Epistolae (Date: 1964/02/18) - ""Ut apud te mens nostra tuo depiderisfuequat quae si carnis maceratione cangia.."
3. Ammonas - Ammonii Eremitae Epistolae (Date: 1964/02/13) - "One of the great discoveries and graces of this year has been Abbot Ammonas. A.."
4. Ammonas - Ammonii Eremitae Epistolae (Date: 1964/02/16) - "Just a brief letter to thank you for the big book Crucible of Love. I have not.."
5. Bernardus of Clairvaux - Epistolae Opera Omnia (Date: 1950/01/27) - "The more I read St. Bernard and the Cistercian Fathers, the more I like them. .."
6. Caesarius of Arles - Epistolae (Date: 1964/01/25) - "Still on Anselm's Letters-and now too Caesarius of Aries..."
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