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1. Rule for Recluses (Date: 1966/01/15) - "A Rule for Recluses edited by Olgin in Antonianum came on interlibrary loan fr.."
2. Benedict of Nurcia - Rule (Date: 1963/07/19) - "The following are the questions, with Merton's answers: 1. Name the last three.."
3. Benet of Canfield - Rule of Perfection (Date: 1961/03/03) - "I started the mystical theology class Wednesday (Mar. 1). [Note 5: Merton's le.."
4. Benet of Canfield - Rule of Perfection (Date: 1961/03/07) - "Finished reading the MS of Pt. III of Canfield's Rule of Perfection. It is rea.."
5. Benet of Canfield - Rule of Perfection (Date: 1961/03/05) - "I am reading Part III of Benet with the very greatest interest. It is true tha.."
6. Benet of Canfield - Rule of Perfection (Date: 1961/04/22) - "I now have the first two parts of Canfield's Rule, though I have not had a cha.."
7. Cuthbert Butler o.s.b. - Benedictine Monachism: Studies in Benedictine Life and Rule (Date: 1954/11/04) - "A few weeks ago, by some miracle, we actually started reading Dom Cuthbert But.."
8. James Roy Newman - Rule of Folly (Date: 1962/02/00) - "By the way, I got two copies of The Rule of Folly. I will pass the extra one a.."
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