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1. Bernardus of Clairvaux - Sermones de Diversis (Date: 1950/01/21) - "St. Bernard's Sermon 110, De Diversis, which I stumbled on just now by acciden.."
2. Bernardus of Clairvaux - Sermones de Diversis (Date: 1950/01/31) - "Hesychasm-is that the English word for it?-has been my latest discovery. I cam.."
3. Bernardus of Clairvaux - Sermones in Cantica Canticorum (Date: 1947/05/14) - "I read some St. Bernard [of Clairvaux] on the Mystical Marriage. The tenth cha.."
4. Isaac of Stella - Sermones (Date: 1965/11/03) - "The comet! I heard about it yesterday in the monastery, went out to see it thi.."
5. Isaac of Stella - Sermones (Date: 1960/12/05) - "Magnificent light in the lapidary sentences of Isaac of Stella. Fire struck fr.."
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