The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 13

  • Kilcourse, George A. “Introduction: Spirituality as the Freedom to Channel Eros.” 7-15.

  • Merton, Thomas. “Variant Drafts of The Sign of Jonas.” 16-26.

  • Pycior, Julie Leininger. “We Are All Called to be Saints: Thomas Merton. Dorothy Day and Friendship House.” 27-62.

  • Thompson, Phillip M. “The Restoration of Balance: Thomas Merton’s Technological Critique.” 63-79.

  • Wu, John, Jr. “Technological Perspectives: Thomas Merton and the One-Eyed Giant.” 80-104.

  • Corless, Roger. “The Christian Exploration of Non-Christian Religions: Merton’s Example and Where It Might Lead Us.” 105-122.

  • Clooney, Francis X., SJ. “In Memoriam: Mahanambrata Brahmachari (23 December 1904 – 18 October 1999).” 123-126.

  • Richardson, Jane Marie, SL. “Life Through the Lens of Inner and Outer Freedom.” Interview conducted by George A. Kilcourse, Jr. 127-43.

  • Kramer, Victor A. “Connecting the Spiritual and the Cultural: Patterns Within Merton’s Writings. 1999 Bibliographic Review.” 144-164.

  • LeBeau, Dorothy. “Introduction: To See the Beauty of their Hearts: The Contemplative Aesthetics of Thomas Merton.” 165-170.

  • Finley, Mitch. “The Joy of Being Catholic: The Relationship of the Conversion of Thomas Merton to the RICA.” 171-189.

  • Betz, Margaret. “Merton’s Images of Elias, Wisdom, and the Inclusive God.” 190-207.

  • Szabo, Lynn. “The Sound of Sheer Silence: A Study in the Poetics of Thomas Merton.” 208-221.

  • O’Hara, Dennis Patrick. “Thomas Merton and Thomas Berry: Reflections from a Parallel Universe.” 222-234.

  • Apel, William. “Ninevah to Calvary: Thomas Merton and a Spiritual Geography of the Bible.” 235-244.

  • Spaeth, Paul J. “The Road to Simplicity Followed by Merton’s Friends: Ad Reinhardt and Robert Lax.” 245-256.

  • Biallas, Leonard J. Rev. of The Intimate Merton: His Life from His Journals edited by Patrick Hart and Jonathan Montaldo. 257-263.

  • Hensell, Eugene, OSB. Rev. of Thomas Merton and the Monastic Vision by Lawrence S. Cunningham. 263-266.

  • Huda, Qamar-ul. Rev. of Merton and Sufism: The Untold Story edited by Rob Baker and Gray Henry. 266-268.

  • Breit, Marquita E. Rev. of A Merton Vade Mecum: A Quick-Reference Bibliographic Handbook by Patricia A. Burton. 269-271.

  • Flynn, James E. Rev. of The Sound of Listening: A Retreat Journal from Thomas Merton’s Hermitage by John Dear, SJ. 271.

  • Walter, Anne. Rev. of Fifteen Days of Prayer with Thomas Merton by André Gozier. 272.

  • Grayston, Donald. Rev. of Running to the Mountain: A Journey of Faith and Change by Jon Katz. 273-274.

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