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Merton's Correspondence with:

Augustinus Morgana, Augustinus, O.S.B. Obl.; Dante J. Morgana; D.J. Morgana, D. J.; Dante Morgana

Morgana, Dante J.  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1961-1967
Volume: 7 item(s); 8 pg(s)

Scope and Content


Dr. Dante J. Morgana, a medical doctor and Benedictine Oblate (Frater Augustinus Morgana), writes from Buffalo, New York. He seems to have spent some time (1961?) as a postulant at Gethsemani Abbey.

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#DateFrom/ToFirst LinesPub ✓Notes
 y/m/dMerton Scan ✉ 
1. 1961/01/06 HPCS[x] from Merton Good to hear from you again and many thnaks for the gift. I think the question of your vocation «detailed view»
2. 1962/01/11 TLS[x] from Merton Thank you so much for your most generous gift which you enclosed in your Christmas Greetings Merton praises Morgana on his fluency in Latin and speaks of his hope that Latin will be preserved for use in monastic Masses and the Divine Office «detailed view»
3. 1962/12/20 HNS[x] from Merton I will certainly keep you in my prayers - honestly it does not look as if you were to end [note written to Morgana on a typed letter from Br. Basil of Gethsemani] «detailed view»
4. 1965/04/05 TLS[x] from Merton I have no difficulty remembering so unusual a postulant as you were, and I was happy to read your «detailed view»
5. 1967/07/24? HLS to Merton Ut me extramnunc inter viventes dinumerare possis ad te hanc epistolam mitto. «detailed view»
6. 1967/08/04? (#01) TL[c] from Merton Or Fr Augustine. Thanks for your letter in flawless Latin. I certainly must answer in English, «detailed view»
7. 1967/08/04? (#02) TLS[x] from Merton Or Fr Augustine. Thanks for your letter in flawless Latin. I certainly must answer in English, «detailed view»

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