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Merton's Correspondence with:

Mahanan Brata Brahmachari; Bankim Dasgupta; Dasgupta, Bankim; Mahanambrata Bramachari

Brahmachari, Mahanambrata, 1904-1999  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1965
Volume: 2 item(s); 2 pg(s)

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The following memorial for Mahanambrata Brahmachari was written after his death in 1999 by Francis X. Clooney, SJ:

Bankim Dasgupta was born in 1904 in Bengal (in a part of India that is now in Bangladesh). In 1925 he was initiated in the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition, founded by Sri Caitanya in the fifteenth century, specifically into a sect (the Mahanam Sampradaya) that focused on the power of God’s name, ‘Hari, Krishna’, and at this point took his familiar name Mahanambrata Brahmachari (which might be translated, ‘the monk whose dedication is entirely to the "great name"’). (Source: Clooney, Francis X., S.J. "In Memoriam: Mahanambrata Brahmachari (25 December 1904–18 October 1999)". The Merton Annual, No. 13 (October 2000): 123-126. website.)

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See also one published letter from Merton to Brahmachari in The Road to Joy, pp. 122-123. See also Merton's description of his friendship with Brahmachari in The Seven Storey Mountain, p 122-123.

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1. 1965/05/28 HLS to Merton My heart-felt thanks for your remembrance. You so kindly remember me as I do you so dearly though asking if Merton would invite him for an international religious gathering and pay for his travels back to the United States «detailed view»
2. 1965/08/08 TL[c] from Merton It was a delight to get your letter dated May 28th, and I am sorry to see that so long a time has looking into ways to facilitate Brahmachari's travel / problem of Merton's new "vanaprastha" retirement in his hermitage and the limit on visitors / meeting of East-West philosophers in Hawaii / Seymour Freedgood «detailed view»

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