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Merton's Correspondence with:

Chaigne, Herve, Fr., O.F.M.; Fr. Herve Chaigne; Fr. Hervé Chaigne

Chaigne, Hervé, Fr., O.F.M.  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1964-1966
Volume: 13 item(s); 14 pg(s)

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Hervé Chaigne was writing on behalf of the bi-monthly publication Fréres du Monde from Bordeaux, France.

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See four published letters from Merton to Chaigne in Witness to Freedom, pp. 109-111.

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1. 1964/07/12 TAL[c] from Merton Mon ami et votre traducteur Martin Corbin m'a dit que vous vouliez quelque pages de moi sur la crise Chaigne's interest in having some of Merton's writings on the race crisis / Camille Drevet / Merton's introduction for sayings of Gandhi on non-violence / no need to send this short work - covered by anthology by Peter Jack «detailed view»
2. 1964/07/19 TLS to Merton Un très grand merci pour votre si amicale acceptation. Nous sommes très heureux que vous puissiez "Black Revolution" - asking to send Chaigne more articles on the subject of racial strife in the U.S. / plans to do a small book on Gandhi and non-violence - asking to translate some of Merton's articles «detailed view»
3. 1964/08/17 TLS to Merton De retour de quelques jours de vacance passés en famille, je me fais une joie de vous remercier thanks for Merton's articles on blacks in America and "The Monk in the Diaspora" - suggests article on aggiornamento of religious life «detailed view»
4. 1964/09/09 TL[c] from Merton Voici le petit livre des sélections de Gandhi, avec mon introduction. J'espère qu'il vous plaira Robert MacGregor from New Directions to handle arrangements for Gandhi book / "The Monk in the Diaspora" - looking for other essays to couple with this for a book / thanks for copies of Frères du Monde / Mounier / Thich Nhat Hanh «detailed view»
5. 1964/10/05 TLS to Merton Je commence par m'excuser du retard que j'ai pris à répondre à votre lettre et à l'envoi de votre large end-of-the-year issue of Frères du Monde to feature the topic of evangelization in question / Gandhian non-violence and Christian non-violence for a chapter in the upcoming book / translation of "Eight Freedom Songs" «detailed view»
6. 1964/10/24 TAL[c] from Merton Je viens de recevoir votre lettre et "Le Moine au diaspora." Et c'est demain qu'on célèbre la fête on combining "The Monk in the Diaspora" and Gandhi articles for a book / sending other monastic essays, including one prepared for the preface for The Meditations of Fr. Delp / Vietnamese monks and Buddhist renewal / upcoming election - Goldwater versus Johnson / Marie Tadié / German protestant pastors «detailed view»
7. 1964/12/28 TL[c] from Merton I am finally getting around to thanking you for the issues of Frères du Monde and especially "Monk in the Diaspora" was used in another book - sending replacement for small book / working with New Directions for Gandhi book - avoiding dealings with foreign agent [Marie Tadié] / retreat and discussion at Gethsemani past November with peace workers A. J. Muste and Jim Forest / Jacques Ellul and technology «detailed view»
8. 1965/01/16 TLS to Merton Merci de votre lettre si encourageante. Je crois que notre numéro sur les "Noirs américains" a fait Jacques Amalric's favorable review of Merton's article on black Americans / Italian publication Edizioni Morcelliana wants to translate Christianity and the Racial Question in the U.S.A." / Fr. Charles Dumont of Collectanea wants "The Monk in the Diaspora / asking if Merton would like him to send some Ellul books «detailed view»
9. 1965/04/21 TL[c] from Merton Easter has brought us some nice days here, and I am once again trying to catch up with mail, "The Monk in the Diaspora" / Marie Tadié / "Monastic Vocation and Modern Thought" / censors do not like writings on nuclear war and monastic reform / Ellul's pessimism - connection between mechanical efficiency and the war machine in Vietnam / Christian non-violent revolution in South America / Simone Weil «detailed view»
10. 1965/06/27 TL[c] from Merton The two books of Ellui reached me yesterday. I am deeply grateful to you for your kindness. Marie Tadié and having to send monastic essays to Albin Michel, who have first rights to them in France - will send replacement articles to Chaigne / the Freedom Songs set to music to [Alexander Peloquin] be sung by a black soloist / peace movement in the U.S. - active only sporadically / Vietnam a "war of machines" «detailed view»
11. 1965/10/05 TL[c] from Merton Please forgive my long silence and my delay about the book I promised you. The manuscript Italian book of essays, Fe e Violenza [Faith and Violence] / Marie Tadié - "sometimes difficult" and an "aggressive agent" / sending Gandhi book and piece on "schema 13" from the Second Vatican Council / Merton happy about Pope Paul's speech at the UN against Vietnam War / India and Kashmir war «detailed view»
12. 1966/02/24 TALS to Merton Je dois commencer par m'excuser bien vivement de mon trop long silence, alors pourtant que vous avez "Open Letter to the American Hierarchy" / Congress of Peace in Helsinki / contents of book Foi et Violence [Faith and Violence] to be translated into French by Marie Tadié - additions to book - "Schema Thirteen", "St. Maximus the Confessor", and "The Answer of Minerva" (pacifism in Simone Weil) «detailed view»
13. 1966/06/05 TLS to Merton J'ai laissé passer bien du temps depuis la lettre si amicale où vous me faisiez part de votre visit to Taizé - attractive life of Protestant religious - Franciscans there who say the office with the Protestant brothers, have an English Mass and accept Catholics and Protestants in the sacrament of Reconciliation / "Blessed Are the Meek" for publication / Marie Tadié and Foi et Violence «detailed view»

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