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Author QuotedWerner Wilhelm Jaeger
Title QuotedPaideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture / Gilbert Highet (translator)
Date (Year/Month/Day)1960/12/24
QuotationSnow is melting a little. Quiet afternoon of Christmas Eve. Read a book of Newman's romantic but fundamentally sound essay on St. Benedict. Finished first volume of Paideia this morning. Must read Thucydides. All I can remember of it is the general with nephritis in Sicily. The total lack of perspective with which we read Greek authors, word by word, at school.
JournalTurning Toward the World: The Pivotal Years. The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 4, 1960-1963.; Edited by Victor A. Kramer. / San Francisco : Harper Collins. 1996, p. 78
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