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Author QuotedFyodor Dostoyevsky
Title QuotedIdiot
Date (Year/Month/Day)1966/07/15
Imprint[S.l.] : [s.n.]. 1868I
QuotationBlazing hot yesterday afternoon - I found a good breeze at one of my favorite spots, the N.E. corner of St. Edmund's field where the road (track) plunges into the woods. Read on Buddhist meditation [The Heart of Buddhist Meditation (London, 1962)] ([Bikkhu] Nyanaponika Thera - excellent) - on "bare attention"! Then Alan Watts on LSD (poor). Later came back and read some, The Idiot.
Quotation SourceLearning to love: exploring solitude and freedom. The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 6, 1966-1967.; Edited by Christine M. Bochen. / [San Francisco] : HarperCollins. 1997, p. 95-96
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