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Author QuotedUlrich Mauser
Title QuotedChrist in the Wilderness
Date (Year/Month/Day)1966/11/01
ImprintLondon : [s.n.]. 1963
QuotationThe wilderness theme in the Bible. Am reading a good book on it by Ulrich Mauser [Christ in the Wilderness (London, 1963)] (in that Protestant series). Terribly fruitful at the moment! I can compare my own life. How evident it becomes now that this whole thing with M. was, in fact, an attempt to escape the demands of my vocation. Not conscious, certainly. But a substitution of human love (and erotic love after all) for a special covenant of loneliness and solitude which is the very heart of my vocation. I did not stand the test at all - but allowed that whole essence to be questioned and tried to change it. And could not see I was doing this. Fortunately God's grace protected me from the worst errors.
JournalLearning to love: exploring solitude and freedom. The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 6, 1966-1967.; Edited by Christine M. Bochen. / [San Francisco] : HarperCollins. 1997, p. 155
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