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An Introduction to Christian Mysticism: Initiation into the Monastic Tradition 3

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 One is likely to be disappointed if, misled somewhat by its title -Rebidoux, Michelle American Benedictine Review 61.2-4 (2010): 386-89.
02 These three Merton volumes are among the initial offerings of the new MonasticDelCogliano, Mark Cross Currents 58.4 (1 December 2008): 616-620.
03 Thomas Merton was Novice Master at Gethsemani 1955-1965.Carveley, Kenneth Cr: Quarterly Review of the Community of the Resurrection 423 (Michaelmas 2005): 41-43.
ANNUAL The third and much-awaited volume of Thomas Merton's conference notebooks, an introductoryMatthews, Gray Merton Annual 22: 261-265.
CSQMerton as Teacher: A Review EssayHaving had the opportunity earlier to review the first volume in this series for CistercianKramer, Victor A. Cistercian Studies Quarterly 43.4 (2008): 427-438.
SEASONALMining Mystical RichesThomas Merton, as in so other many endeavors, was a pioneer when he taughtEgan, Keith J. Merton Seasonal 33:2 (Summer 2008): 27-29.