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Reviews of:

Man Before God

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01Two MemoirsShould an elderly female trustee of Thomas Merton's literary estate really be allowed to reviewBurton Stone, Naomi New Republic 172 (25 January 1975): 28-29.
01 Like it or not, the attention of the public is being focused today on the suffering,Wilkinson, Gertrude A. Sign 54 (March 1975):50.
02The emerging of Merton's social consciousnessWritten originally as a doctoral dissertation for Catholic University of America, this book byHart, Patrick, OCSO New Catholic Report 4 (6 December 1974): 8.
CSQ One of the paradoxes in the life of ThomasHart, Patrick, OCSO Cistercian Studies 9.4 (1974). Bulletin of Monastic Spirituality # 215. [127-128].