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On Thomas Merton

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 This brilliant, incisive work from biographer  Publishers Weekly 265.41 (October 8, 2018): 56.
02Writer to WriterThe fascinating premise of MaryHansen, Ron America 220.3 (February 4, 2019): 47.
03Merton's Words, Others' Faith and IceDuring Lent, Trappist Fr. ThomasScharper, Diane National Catholic Reporter 55.9 (February 8-21, 2019): 11.
04Mary Gordon Illuminates the Literary Works of Thomas MertonMary Gordon — novelist, memoirist, professor of English at Barnard College — hasMahany, Barbara Chicago Tribune (March 7, 2019).
05Shallow Calls to Shallow: On Thomas Merton, Fifty Years After His DeathThe Seven Storey Mountain,Wills, Garry Harper’s Magazine 338.2027 (April 2019): 78-82.
06Novelist Looks at Writings of Trappist Monk Thomas MertonPerhaps best known for her novels and short stories, Barnard College English professor and New York stateFinley, Mitch CatholicPhilly.Com (June 14, 2019).
07The Strength of Hyphens: Mary Gordon on Thomas MertonMary Gordon writes writer to writer in her newPorter, J. S. Dialogue Magazine 32.4 (Summer 2019): 43-45.
JOURNAL What kind of writer was Merton? Award-winning writer and teacher MaryHall, Gary P. The Merton Journal 26.2 (Advent 2019): 44-46.