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Faith and Violence: Christian Teaching and Christian Practice

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01Theology of Love"Faith & Nonviolence" is a trenchant, heroic and constructive analysis of Christian teaching andPatnaik, Deba P. Courier Journal Louisville, KY (13 October 1968). Deba P. Patnaik
02The Sworded Cross: Faith and ViolenceIt is a sad thing, and a terrible loss for the cause of revolution, that Thomas Merton cannot sloughRitalin, Thane Gower Skyline Chicago, IL (18 September 1968). Thane Gower Ritalin
03 If outstanding theologians find it difficult to explain the morality of man's sexuality in the lightCole, Basil O.P. Thomist 33.1 (January 1969): 197-200.
04 For the fourth time in as many years, Thomas Merton has come out with a collection of hisStark, Philip M., SJ Sign 48 (December 1968): 52.
CSQ This paperback volume, published just a fewHart, Patrick, OCSO Cistercian Studies 7.2 (1972). Bulletin of Monastic Spirituality # 284. [147-148].