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Geography of Holiness: The Photography of Thomas Merton

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01Four on MertonIt is nearly thirteen years since the death of Thomas Merton. The interest in his life and thoughtTerry, James S. Cross Currents 31 (Spring 1981): 102-105. James S. Terry
02Geography of Holiness: The Photography of Thomas MertonGeography of Holiness demonstrates once again the genius of Thomas Merton, who can affect us throughWeeks, Edward America 144.23 (13 June 1981): 489-490. Edward G. Zogby.
03Merton, ThomasA selection of 100 black-and-white photographs taken by Merton between 1964 and 1968 in Kentucky,  Choice 18.7 (March 1981): 970.
04 The intemperance which characterizes so much of what is written and said about Thomas Merton isGarvey, Michael Critic 40.2 (February 1981): 2-4. Michael Garvey
XREF1Merton's Affirmation and Affirmation of Merton: Writing about SilenceThomas Merton chose to be a cloistered contemplative within one of the most austere religious orders in the United States.Kramer, Victor A. Review [Charlottesville, VA] 4 (1982): 295-333 [see review author file].