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Syllabi for Courses on Thomas Merton

Welcome to the Merton Syllabi Project!

One of the major goals of the International Thomas Merton Society (ITMS) is to encourage research, study and reading of the works of Thomas Merton. We have witnessed a growing interest in Merton in the forty-plus years since his death in 1968.

But as Merton himself wrote in Disputed Questions, “We must provide an education that strengthens us against the noise, the violence, and the half-truths of our materialistic society.” Please join us in our effort to spread Merton’s insights and wisdom by sharing your syllabi or related teaching material for the benefit of all.

The syllabi and related material can be found below by clicking on the name of the document. These links will either send you to an outside website or start a download of the file.

Please note that Authors retain all reproduction rights for these materials.

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Scholar Topic Document/Link
David J. Belcastro, Ph.D. Striving Towards Being: The Lives and Work of Thomas Merton and Albert Camus Belcastro.pdf
Jon Blandford, Ph.D. Thomas Merton and the Transcendentalists Blandford.pdf
Christine M. Bochen, Ph.D. Thomas Merton: Mystic and Prophet bochen.pdf
Christine M. Bochen, Ph.D. Thomas Merton and the Way of Mercy Bochen-VST.pdf
Lawrence S. Cunningham, Ph.D. Thomas Merton's Spirituality cunningham.pdf
Kathleen Deignan, CND., Ph.D. Thomas Merton: Spiritual Legacy deignan-2009.pdf
Kathleen Deignan, CND., Ph.D. Thomas Merton: Spiritual Master deignan-2004.pdf
Paul R. Dekar, Ph.D. Merton, Monasticism and Religious Pluralism dekar-2006.pdf
Donald Grayston, Ph.D. Thomas Merton: Life and Writings grayston.pdf
William R. Grimes D.Min., PA-C. Thomas Merton:  His Life, Spirituality
and Social Consciousness
Christine A. Hearn, M.A., CSD Thomas Merton: The Man, Mystic and Prophet hearn.pdf
Gregory K. Hillis, Ph.D. Introduction to the Life and Thought of Thomas Merton hillis.pdf
Daniel P. Horan, OFM, Ph.D. Spirituality of Thomas Merton for Today:
On Racism, Violence, and Justice
Alan Kolp, Ph.D. Spirituality of Thomas Merton (with article, "From Cloister to Classroom: Thomas Merton and Today's College Student") kolp.pdf
Kolp Article
Bruce H. Lescher, Ph.D. Thomas Merton lescher.pdf
Elizabeth-Jane McGuire, Ph.D. Thomas Merton: Mentor mcguire.pdf
Patrick F. O'Connell, Ph.D. Monastics and Mystics:
Through the Eyes of Thomas Merton
Paul M. Pearson, Ph.D. Thomas Merton: Poet, Monk, Prophet Pearson.pdf
James Percoco Thomas Merton & Modern Spiritual Masters Percoco.pdf
Christopher Pramuk, Ph.D. Thomas Merton: Witness to Peace pramuk.pdf
Christopher Pramuk, Ph.D. Wisdom-Sophia in the Life and Theology of Thomas Merton Pramuk VST.pdf
Clare Ronzani, M.A. Spirituality of Thomas Merton ronzani.pdf
Peter Savastano, Ph.D. Thomas Merton, Religion, and Culture [Anthropology] savastano.pdf
Marilyn Sunderman, RSM, Ph.D. Seminar in Theology: Writings of Thomas Merton sunderman.pdf
Lynn R. Szabo, Ph.D. The Writings of Thomas Merton szabo.pdf
Lynn R. Szabo, Ph.D. Studies in Individual Authors: Thomas Merton szabo-directed-study.pdf

Please note that Authors retain all reproduction rights for these materials.