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Centenary Publications - Journals

A number of journals and periodicals are dedicating issues, or parts of issues, to Thomas Merton on the occasion of his centenary:

America - the January 19-26, 2015 issue of America included an article by Daniel P. Horan - "Merton (Still) Matters: How the Trappist Monk and Author Speaks to Millennials."

American Catholic Studies - the Summer 2015 issue of American Catholic Studies included articles by Lawrence S. Cunningham, Jack Downey, James Martin, SJ, Julie Leininger Pycior and Monica Weis, SSJ.

Catholic Worker - the January- February 2015 issue of The Catholic Worker contains an article by Jim Forest - "On Holy Perseverance" and reprints of two of Merton's own contributions to The Catholic Worker: "The Shelter Ethic" and "The Wild Places." The Catholic Worker.

The Christian Century issue of January 15, 2015 contains "A Letter to Thomas Merton" by Carol Zaleski -



The Church Times - the February 13, 2015 issue of The Church Times includes an article by John Moses, "A Life of Discontent" and a review by Esther de Waal of Divine Discontent: The Prophetic Voice of Thomas Merton by John Moses.



Cistercian Studies Quarterly - The Spring 2015 issue of Cistercian Studies Quarterly is devoted entirely to Merton, and features the first publication of Merton’s essay “Lectio Divina”; an article by Bernardo Bonowitz, OCSO entitled “Reaping Where Merton Has Sown: A Retreat for the Merton Centenary”; Monica Weis’ keynote address at the 2014 Festival of Faiths in Louisville, KY, entitled “Finding Oneself in the Cosmic Dance: Nature’s Grace for Thomas Merton”; Bonnie Thurston’s  article “Waking from a Dream of Separateness: Thomas Merton’s Principles of Interreligious Dialogue”; a reprint of Armand Veilleux, OCSO’s “Monk on a Journey” from the volume Thomas Merton: Monk; and reviews by John Eudes Bamberger, OCSO of Merton’s The Rule of Saint Benedict and by Mark Scott, OCSO of Thomas Merton: Faithful Visionary by Michael Higgins




Cithara - The May 2015 issue of Cithara is devoted entirely to Merton, and features articles F. Douglas Scutchfield, Paul M. Pearson and Monica Weis, SSJ and book reviews by Gerald Boersma, David Belcastro, Michael McGregor, Patrick F. O'Connell, Paul M. Pearson, Paul Quenon, OCSO, and Monica Weis, SSJ.


IHU On-line - Em 2015, comemoram-se os 500 anos do nascimento de Teresa de Ávila (1515-1582) e o centenário de Thomas Merton (1915-1968) duas grandes referências da mística cristã reconhecidos pela busca da interioridade e pelo amor a Deus e ao próximo. Evidenciar o legado teológico de ambos os místicos, sua trajetória, sentido e atualidade de suas vivências é o que pretende esta edição da revista IHU On-Line. Contribuem para o debate Faustino Teixeira, Marco Vannini, Secundino Castro Sánchez, Frei Betto, Giselle Gómez, Lúcia Pedrosa-Pádua, Jesús Sanchez-Caro, Luciana Barbosa, Maximiliano Herraiz, Cristiana Dobner, Norma Nasser e Sibelius Cefas Pereira.


National Catholic Reporter - the December 5, 2014 spirituality supplement to the National Catholic Reporter included articles by Patricia Lefevere, Mick Forgey, and Tanya Connor, along with reviews by Phyllis Zagano of Divine Discontent: The Prophetic Voice of Thomas Merton by John Moses and The Ground of Love and Truth: Reflections on Thomas Merton's Relationship with the Woman Known as "M" by Suzanne Zuercher.



O Mensageiro de Santo Antônio - The January/February 2015 edition includes an article by Bernardo Bonowitz, OCSO on Thomas Merton: "Thomas Merton, Mensch."


Sojourners - the January 2015 issue of Sojourners included articles by Christopher Pramuk and Patrick O'Connell.


St. Anthony Messenger - the January 2015 issue of St. Anthony Mesenger includes a special section on "Thomas Merton 100 Years" with articles by Dan Morris-Young and Richard Rohr, OFM.

Tui Moto InterIslands - the March 2015 issue of Tui Moto InterIslands includes articles on Merton by Ken Bragan, Colleen O'Sullivan and Charles Shaw.

Weavings - the November - December 2014/January 2015 issue of Weavings, with the theme “Monastery without Walls,” contains articles by Paul R. Dekar, E. Glenn Hinson, Jonathan Montaldo, and Paul Quenon, OCSO.

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