The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

ITMS Conference Presidential Addresses

Conference Date and Venue Conference Title ITMS President Presidential Address
25-28 May 1989
Bellarmine University, Louisville KY
The Pattern in the Seed:
Thomas Merton’s Glimpse of the Cosmic Dance
William H. Shannon "The Farmer from Nelson County."
13-16 June 1991
Nazareth College, Rochester NY
A Huge Chorus of Living Beings:
The Voice of a New World
Robert E. Daggy "Choirs of Millions:
Thomas Merton and God's Creatures."
10-13 June 1993
Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO
Already One:
Becoming What We Are
Bonnie B. Thurston "The Heresy of Individualism."
15-18 June 1995
St Bonaventure University, Olean NY
Summoned to Explore the Heart:
Thomas Merton’s Prophetic Challenge
James Conner, OCSO "A Prophet for the 21st Century."
12-15 June 1997
Spring Hill College, Mobile AL
From the Springs of Compassion:
Solitude, Solidarity, Social Transformation
Patrick F. O'Connell "Merton on the Eve of the Third Millennium."
10-13 June 1999
St Jerome’s University, Waterloo, ON Canada
Magnetic North/True North:
Geography Beyond Boundaries
Thomas Del Prete "The Geography of Nowhere:
Living Beyond Boundaries."
7-10 June 2001
Bellarmine University, Louisville KY
Shining Like the Sun:
Thomas Merton’s Transforming Vision
Christine M. Bochen “Mercy within Mercy within Mercy."
5-7 June 2003
University of British Columbia, BC Canada
The Hawk’s Dream:
Thomas Merton’s Sacred Landscape
Jonathan Montaldo "'Going Home to Where I Have Never Been'.
Thomas Merton's Flight Toward Joy."
9-12 June 2005
University of San Diego, San Diego CA
Revelation of Justice:
Revolution of Love
Erlinda G. Paguio "A New World Being Born:
Loving in a New Way."
7-10 June 2007
Christian Brothers University, Memphis TN
Wide Open to Heaven and Earth:
Contemplation, Community, Culture
Paul M. Pearson “Wide Open to Heaven and Earth:
Contemplation, Community, Culture."
11-14 June 2009
Nazareth College, Rochester NY
Bearing Witness to the Light:
Merton’s Challenge to a Fragmented World
Donald Grayston "Monastic in His Own Way:
Thomas Merton and Leonard Cohen."
9-12 June 2011
Loyola University, Chicago IL
With Roots in Eternity:
Merton, the Desert and the City
Robert G. Grip "Thomas Merton and Fulton Sheen:
Roots in the Past with Messages for Eternity."
13-16 June 2013
Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT
Living Together with Wisdom:
Merton's Call to Transform Our Hearts and Lives
Kathleen Deignan, CND "Dreaming Together with Wisdom."
4-7 June 2015
Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY
Merton 100:
Living the Legacy
David J. Belcastro Dear Beneficiaries of the Merton Legacy.”
15-18 June 2017
St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NY
Overshadowed by Mercy:
Pilgrimage, Prayer, Prophecy
Michael W. Higgins "Light in a Darkening Landscape."
27-30 June 2019
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
O Peace, Bless this Mad Place Mark C. Meade "From Merton to a Friend and from a President to the Society: 'The Realtiy of Personal Relationships Saves Everything'."
23-26 June 2021
Thou Inward Stranger David Golemboski "Absurdity and Imagination in a Time of Upheaval."
22-25 June 2023
St. Mary's College,
Notre Dame, IN
Sophia Comes Forth Reaching Christopher Pramuk "By Bowing My Ear a Little, I Have Received Her."
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