The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

ITMS Recognitions


International Award

to an individual who has made a significant contribution on an international level to the promotion of Merton's writings (in English or in translation) and to the presentation of his ideas.

1991. Constant Broos (Belgium)
1993. A.M. Allchin (England)
1995. Miguel Grinberg (Argentina)
1997. Maria Emmanuel de Souza e Silva, OSB (Brazil)
1999. Paul M Pearson (England)
2001. Andrei Kirilenkov (Russia)
2003. Waldecy Goncalves (Brazil)
2007. Fernando Beltran Llavador (Spain)
2009. David Scott (England)
2013. Michael W. Higgins (Canada)
2015. Fiona Gardner (England)
2017. Donald Grayston (Canada)
2019. Detlev Cuntz (Germany)
2021. Willy Eurlings (Netherlands)
2023. Marcela Raggio (Argentina)

Thomas Merton Award

to an individual who has written and published in the period between the General Meetings a work on Merton and his concerns that has brought provocative insight and fresh direction to Merton studies.

1991. Thomas Del Prete: Thomas Merton and the Education of the Whole Person
1993. Lawrence Cunningham: Thomas Merton: Spiritual Master
1995. George A Kilcourse: Ace of Freedoms: Thomas Merton's Christ
1997. Carolyn Hammer: Thomas Merton's Four Poems in French
1999. Brother Patrick Hart: General Editor of the Complete Journals.
2001. Arthur W. Biddle: When Prophecy Still Had A Voice
2003. Ross Labrie: Thomas Merton and the Inclusive Imagination
2005. Victor A. Kramer: The Merton Annual
2007. Roger Lipsey: Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton
2009. Malgorzata Poks: Thomas Merton and Latin America: A Consonance of Voices.
2011. Christopher Pramuk: Sophia: The Hidden Christ of Thomas Merton.
2013. Anne H. McCormick: Trustee, Thomas Merton Legacy Trust
2015. Gordon Oyer: Pursuing the Spiritual Roots of Protest: Merton, Berrigan, Yoder, and Muste at the Gethsemani Abbey Peacemakers Retreat.
2017. Jim Forest. The Root of War is Fear: Thomas Merton's Advice to Peacemakers.
2019. Jaechan Anselmo Park, OSB. Thomas Merton’s Encounter with Buddhism and Beyond: His Interreligious Dialogue, Inter-monastic Exchanges, and Their Legacy.
2021. Sophfronia Scott. The Seeker and the Monk: Everyday Conversations with Thomas Merton.
2023. Gregory K. Hillis. Man of Dialogue: Thomas Merton’s Catholic Vision.

Society Award

to a member of the ITMS whose distinguished service has contributed to the aims of the Society and to furthering its goals.

1991. William H. Shannon
1993. Christine Bochen and Robert E. Daggy
1995. Arline Newton
1997. Mary Luke Tobin, SL
1999. Patrick O'Connell and Erlinda Paguio
2001. Ed Farley and Jonathan Montaldo
2003. Patricia Burton
2005. Bonnie B. Thurston
2007. Judith Hardcastle
2009. Jenny Ratigan
2011. Monica Weis, SSJ.
2013. Donna Kristoff, OSU.
2015. John P. Collins.
2017. Robert G. Grip.
2019. Kathleen Deignan, CND.
2021. Michael A. Brennan.
2023. Paul Quenon, OCSO.