The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

ITMS 10TH General Meeting

The Tenth General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society
June 7-10, 2007
at Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee

Thomas Merton's monastic vocation eventually led him to a compassionate openness toward all created reality. As he wrote in his Preface to the Japanese edition of Thoughts in Solitude, "And what is the person? Precisely, he is one in the unity which is love. He is undivided in himself because he is open to all. He is open to all because the one love that is the source of all, the form of all, and the end of all is one in him and in all. He is truly alone who is wide open to heaven and earth and closed to no one" (Honorable Reader). The Tenth General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society will focus particularly on the ways in which inner transformation and union with God contribute to the renewal of the broader human society and the world in which we live.

Download the Conference Brochure as an Adobe PDF File - ITMS Conference Brochure

Plenary Speakers:

James Forest Arun Gandhi Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton Joyce Hollyday Albert Raboteau

  Presidential Address Walker Percy Roundtable Closing Liturgy
  Paul M Pearson Huey Guagliardo / Linda Whitney Hobson / Patrick Samway, SJ James Conner, OCSO


Opening Sessions:

First-Timers' Session
Robert Grip
Chapters Workshop
Tony Russo
Youth Scholars' Orientation
Virginia Ratigan / Cristobal Serran-Pagan
Merton's Stone Garden
Roger Lipsey
Merton And Jubilee
James Harford
Merton And Bob Dylan
Tom Sheridan


Concurrent Sessions:

Merton & Alternative Communities
Erlinda Paguio / Kathleen Deignan
Merton & Contemplative Wholeness
William Mangrum / Richard Reilly
Merton & Faulkner
Deborah Kehoe / Judith Hunter
Merton & Interreligious Dialogue
Larry Culliford / Sidney Griffith
Merton & Martin Luther King Jr.
Edward K. Kaplan / Cristobal Serran-Pagan
Merton & Civil Rights
William Apel / Mark Meade
Merton & Southern Writers
John P. Collins / Jeffrey Cooper
Merton & Spiritual Formation
Fred Herron / David Griffith
Merton's Humanism
Christine Bochen / Steve Millies
Merton, Music & The Muse
Rose Annette Liddell / Patrick O'Connell
Merton's Contemplative Approach
Les Mckeown / John Dadosky
Merton's Forbears
Nass Cannon / Timothy Shaffer
Merton & Nonviolence
Judith Hardcastle / Gerry Mcmahon
Merton's Philosophical Roots
Pamela Werrbach Proietti / Stefano Santasilia
Merton & Ecology
John Cronin / Daniel Potocki


Workshops, Guided Prayer & Special Presentations:

Architecture & Contemplation
Gregory Splinter
Eliot, Merton & The Interactive Self
Michael Sobocinski
Merton & Elvis
David Belcastro
Gelassenheit: Letting Go
Ellyn Crutcher
Merton's Contemplative Hospitality
Mary C. Earle & Sylvia Maddox
Merton & Bonhoeffer
Detlev Cuntz & Maria Reichel
Merton's Vision Of Personhood
Mark Filut, OCSO
Merton's Photography
Paul Pearson
Merton & Darfur
Jeffrey Kiernan
Finding The Sky Within You
Monica Weis
Bridges To Contemplative Living
Robert Toth & Jonathan Montaldo
Merton's Geography
Doug Ryniewicz

Program Committee

Erlinda G. Paguio, Louisville, KY (Chair)
 Christine M. Bochen, Rochester, NY
 Paul R. Dekar, Memphis, TN
 Dorothy Hulburt, San Diego, CA
 Gray Matthews, Memphis, TN (Site Coordinator)
 Patrick O'Connell, Erie, PA
 Paul M. Pearson, Louisville, KY
 Mary R. Somerville, Louisville, KY

Memphis Site Committee


Paul R. Dekar

Frances Delano
Gray Matthews (Site Coordinator)

Lynne Matthews

Bill Sanders

Lynne LynMatthews Bill Sanders