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Sub-Section H.15: David D. Cooper Papers

Record Series: 13: Thomas Merton and James Laughlin: Selected Letters - Background information

Series Description

This series contains research files, correspondence with Merton scholars and Gethsemani monks, audio cassettes of Merton's lectures, and other materials related to the editing Cooper's book of the Merton-Laughlin correspondence.

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Arrangement and Processing Notes:

This Sub-Section is divided into records series.

Container List

Box#-FF#Item#DateNotesFirst Lines
3 - 1 undated Red binder with a photocopy of The Alaskan journal of Thomas Merton including David Cooper's preface. «Folder title: David [copy of The Alaskan journal of Thomas Merton]»
3 - 2 1995 Signed artwork by Mary Fullerton of Thomas Merton. «Folder title: Mary Fullerton [print of Fullerton's drawing of Thomas Merton]»
3 - 3 undated 18 photocopied critical essays on Thomas Merton's poetry by various scholars. «Folder title: TM articles: poetry»
3 - 4 1956 November, 1956 issue of Jubilee magazine, edited by Edward Rice, with an article by Merton, "Notes on Art." «Folder title: For Bob Daggy (for the Art and Worship file) [Jubilee]»
3 - 5 undated Contains 3 dubbed audio cassettes containing Merton's novitiate lectures. «Folder title: Tapes»
3 - 6 1992 Poem by James Laughlin entitled "Patent Pending." Printed with a coloful background print from India. Collage and printing by Sandra Liddell. Signed by Sandra Liddell. «Folder title: Poem by James Laughlin»
3 - 7 1992 Index of letters and typing template for Anne Fairchild, who typed the letters while a graduate student at Michigan State University. «Folder title: TM/JL: Ann's index [Anne Fairchild]»
3 - 8 1991 «Folder title: Merton/Laughlin letters index [and correspondence with Br. Patrick Hart]»
3 - 9 undated Contains a poem by James Laughlin from Byways, "Thomas Merton." There is also Merton Legacy Trust correspondence and background information about Laughlin and his friends and contacts. Most items are photocopied but there are some original letters from Laughlin. «Folder title: TM/JL Notes/References»
3 - 10 undated This file includes Cooper's correspondence with Gethsemani monks, particularly with Br. Paul Quenon and Br. Luke Armour. It also includes photographs from Gethsemani and monks from the early 1990's, poems by Br. Paul Quenon, and a list from 1991 with the names of monks with their status in the community and dates of birth, entry, solemn profession, etc. «Folder title: Gethsemani monks [correspondence, photos and poems]»
3 - 11 undated Lists of published tapes of Merton recordings and notes referenced from audio reels in the collection. «Folder title: Tape log»
3 - 12 undated «Folder title: Thomas Merton - The Alaskan Journal MS [Manuscript]»
3 - 13 1968 Photocopy of a typed transcript of Merton's meeting with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. W. H. Ferry, Merton, and others participate in the dialogue. The interview was published in Thomas Merton: Preview of the Asian Journey. See also Sub-Section D.1, "Interview at a closed meeting…". The recordings can be found on Merton CD's #190 1-2 and 3-4. «Folder title: Trans. of Center dialogue, closed meeting--3 Oct. '68»
3 - 14 undated Correspondence with the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine and correspondence and materials related to research there, including letter of introduction, lists of theses and dissertations at the Merton Center, etc. «Folder title: The Thomas Merton Studies Center»
3 - 15 undated Handwritten notes by Cooper, letters from the Abbey of Gethsemani to friends of Merton's after his death in 1968, and the essay "A Dark and Empty Way: Thomas Merton and the Apophatic Tradition" by John F. Teahan. «Folder title: "The Missing Years"»
3 - 16 undated Photocopies from Merton's collected and selected poems. «Folder title: Poetry selections»
3 - 17 undated Photocopies of Ernesto Cardenal's correspondence with Thomas Merton, Margaret Randall's essay "Christians in the Nicaraguan Revolution," bibliographic references to Merton and Cardenal, and other articles and reviews about Ernesto Cardenal. «Folder title: Cardenal, Ernesto»
3 - 18 undated Information regarding Cooper's proposed role as editor of the fourth volume of Merton's correspondence, which was later edited by Christine Bochen and entitled, The Courage for Truth. This file includes grant information and correspondence with Merton scholars. «Folder title: D. Cooper, Thomas Merton Letters»

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