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Sub-Section I.1: Mother Teresa (1910-1997) and Lou Torok (1927-2000) Collection

Record Series: 4: Publications, essays, newsletters, etc. by Lou Torok

Series Description

9 items written by Lou Torok from 1991-1998.

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Torok, Lou |

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Arrangement and Processing Notes:

This Sub-Section is divided into records series. It shares a box with Sub-Section I.2.

Materials were accessioned and described in 1998. Arrangement and description by Theresa H. Sandok, O.S.M. Prepared for the web and updated by Mark Meade in 2016.

Container List

Box#-FF#Item#DateNotesFirst Lines
1 - 4 1 no-year "A Challenge for a New Generation," by Lou Torok (undated, no source) «Not too long ago the Indiana Department of Rehabilitation announced»
1 - 4 2 1996 "A Challenge For the 21st Century," by Lou Torok «I recognize that I belong to the family of mankind»
1 - 4 3 1991 "Finding Hope When You Are in Prison," by Lou Torok, CareNotes - St. Meinrad, IN: Abbey Press, 1991 (2 copies) «It's hard for anyone who has never been there to understand the terror and loneliness»
1 - 4 4 1998 "Narrative of My Friendship with Mother Teresa," by Lou Torok, unpublished essay «This is written on August 16th at the request of Dr. Theresa Sandok, Director of the Thomas Merton Center»
1 - 4 5 no-year News from Lou Torok: "Announcing ... THE LOU TOROK READER ... " «Because of the many request I receive from friends and from publishers I have decided to bring»
1 - 4 6 no-year News from Lou Torok «Word has just been received that AMERICA magazine will publish my article "Keeping the Faith.. In Prison"»
1 - 4 7 no-year Promotional letter for writings by Lou Torok «Father John Catoir, Executive Director of The Christophers said the manuscript of "When You Hurt" is "a gem… so clearly»
1 - 4 8 1999 "Thou Shalt Not Kill - Unless You Are the State," by Lou Torok, Messenger of St. Anthony «As I write, 3,500 human beings in the United States await execution in American prisons.»
1 - 4 9 1999 "Keeping the Faith... In Prison", by Lou Torok, America «The Rev. Joseph Voor raises his hands and says, "As we begin our prayer, let us pause and call to mind our sins and failings,»

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