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Sub-Section H.12: John Howard Yoder Papers: "The Spiritual Roots of Protest" retreat, 1964

Record Series: 8: Articles by and about Merton with Notes

Series Description

This series is mainly comprised of handwritten notes by John Yoder about Thomas Merton's "Events and Pseudo-Events: Letter to a Southern Churchman", a copy of that article, copies of articles about Merton and related notes.

Subjects List

This manuscript has no associated subjects.

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Arrangement and Processing Notes:

Files are loosely arranged by subject of file folder and divided thusly into series. Folder headings from original files.

Container List

Box#-FF#Item#DateNotesFirst Lines
2 - 1 1 undated Notes on Merton's "Events and Pseudo-Events: Letter to a Southern Churchman". «Merton Faith and not systematic/academic in style always in the middle of something»
2 - 1 2 1989 Copy of journal Katallagete, Spring 1989, containing Merton's article, "Events and Pseudo-Events: Letter to a Southern Churchman". «Events and Pseudo-Events: Letter to a Southern Churchman Thomas Merton I have publically stated»
2 - 2 1 undated Notes on Merton books and articles - Faith and Violence and Seeds [Seeds of Destruction or Seeds of Contemplation] «defense against Marxist critique admit 20 26 hope»
2 - 3 1 undated Notes concerning a course on introduction to nonviolence «Voices 18 IX Open induction a) Laarman types b) lead questions c) Tolstoy special focus»
2 - 4 1 1988 Xerox of article published in America magazine, October 22, 1988, with a holograph note from Yoder photocopied onto page. «To Merotn, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki demonstrated that there had been 'a complete»
2 - 4 2 1988 Book review (unknown publication) for a book on Merton by Anne Carr. «A Search for Wisdom and Spirit Thomas Merton's Theology of the Self Anne E. Carr Foreword»
2 - 4 3 undated Notes on Merton and nonviolence. «defining violence -constitutive negation - ahimsa -direct action -is football violent? why not?»
2 - 4 4 1992 Portion of a Pendle Hill newsletter from Spring of 1992 liking a Thomas Merton retreat guided by James Forest. «PENDLE HILL Spring 1992 Living with Wisdom: A Thomas Merton Weekend Leader: Jim Forest May 8-10»
2 - 4 5 undated Notes on Merton books. «William Shannon Silent Lamp (Merton) Crossroad 92»
2 - 5 1 1972 Student paper for one of John Howard Yoder's classes. «The War and Peace Ethics of Thomas Merton Tim Lawson April 6, 1972»
2 - 5 2 undated Advertisement for Trappist Cheese from Gethsemani Farms. «Served at the White House - and called "the best in the U.S." Now you can buy»
2 - 5 3 1978 Xerox of article from the December 8, 1978 edition of the National Catholic Reporter, an interview with Fr. James Conner concerning Thomas Merton. «Merton remembered IT WILL BE 10 years since Thomas Merton was found dead on the floor of his room»

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