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Sub-Section H.12: John Howard Yoder Papers: "The Spiritual Roots of Protest" retreat, 1964

Record Series: 12: July '93 Transcript

Series Description

Transcripts of "The Spiritual Roots of Protest" conference made in 1993 by J. H. Yoder from his original notes.

Subjects List

This manuscript has no associated subjects.

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Arrangement and Processing Notes:

Files are loosely arranged by subject of file folder and divided thusly into series. Folder headings from original files.

Container List

Box#-FF#Item#DateNotesFirst Lines
2 - 1 1 1993 Letter from Jim Forest to John Howard Yoder. «While I hope to see you when I come to Notre Dame later this month (Ron Pagnucco»
2 - 1 2 undated Prayer card signed by Jim and Nancy Forest. Text from Merton's Ascent to Truth. «And far beneath the movement of this silent cataclysm Mary slept in the infinite tranquility of God,»
2 - 2 1 1993 List of four documents found in the transciption notes. «Memo from JHYoder to L Cunningham 1 july 1993 STATE OF THE PRESENT DRAFT OF NOTES FROM GETHSEMANE»
2 - 3 1 undated Glossary of people and organizations mentioned elsewhere in the notes. «Merton document backgrounds: Entities and People behind the narrative of the Nov 1964 Gethsemani»
2 - 4 1 1993 First draft of the transcription from Yoder's notes from the 1964 conference. (See Series 12, folder 4 for 1st draft; and Series 2, folder 4 for 4th and final draft.) «TRANSCRIPTION OF ORIGINAL NOTES BY JHYODER Gethsemani c/o T Merton 18-20 November 1964»
2 - 5 1 1993 Transcript of notes prepared by Yoder for his Thursday evening presentation at retreat, entitled: "Restatement of the protestant stance in conversation with the progress of the retreat thus far". «Gethsemane [sic] Merton "Retreat" November 1964 Notes prepared by J H Yoder for presentation by JHY»
2 - 6 1 1993 «Background and editorial comments to the notes from the Gethsemane "retreat" of November 1964.»

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