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Sub-Section H.15: David D. Cooper Papers

Record Series: 1: Correspondence

Series Description

Letters between David Cooper and those with whom he corresponded related to his Merton-related books, articles and classes.

Subjects List

This manuscript has no associated subjects.

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Arrangement and Processing Notes:

This Sub-Section is divided into records series.

Container List

Box#-FF#Item#DateNotesFirst Lines
1 - 1 undated Timetable (September 1989 through September 1991) for The Selected Letters of Thomas Merton and James Laughlin. W.W. Norton Publishers. «Folder title: Laughlin/Merton Letters: Norton Correspondence (1987-1997)»
1 - 2 undated «Folder title: Patrick Hart (1996)»
1 - 3 undated «Folder title: Lawrence Cunningham (1989-1996)»
1 - 4 undated «Folder title: Brother Patrick Hart, O.C.S.O. (1982-1996)»
1 - 5 undated Correspondence and programs for lectures, etc. «Folder title: J. Laughlin (1984-1997)»
1 - 6 undated Correspondence and programs for lectures, etc. «Folder title: J. Laughlin (1984-1997)»
1 - 7 undated Correspondence, copies of some of Laughlin's poems, and photocopied draft of a poetic reminiscence of Thomas Merton. «Folder title: J. Laughlin (1984-1997)»
1 - 8 undated CD-ROM of images of paintings by Harry Reese from 2003-2005 and artists statements, correspondence with Fr. William Shannon and others, and a draft chapter by Cooper with Shannon's notes. «Folder title: William H. Shannon (1989-1997)»
1 - 9 undated Correspondence and a reflection, "The Visit," by James Laughlin about a visit from W. H. Ferry and their reminiscences of Thomas Merton. «Folder title: Bill Shannon (1989-1997)»
1 - 10 undated «Folder title: Robert E. Daggy (1985-1994)»
1 - 11 undated «Folder title: Robert Giroux (1988-1989)»
1 - 12 undated Correspondence with representatives of University of Georgia Press, the publishers of Thomas Merton's Art of Denial. Included are royalty statements, guidelines for publication and indexing, and notes concerning copy editing and remaindering rights. «Folder title: University of George Press (1986-1994)»
1 - 13 undated Correspondence and two book reviews of Mott's The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton. «Folder title: Michael Mott (1985-1993)»
1 - 14 undated «Folder title: Karen Orchard: University of George Press (1989-1993)»
1 - 15 undated Correspondence and a color photograph by Carolyn Hammer of Merton at a picnic in 1965 with Victor Hammer (Victor not in frame). «Folder title: Merton/Hammer, The Kentucky Review, Carolyn Hammer, James Birchfield (1986-1989)»
1 - 16 undated «Folder title: Naomi Burton Stone (1988)»
1 - 17 undated Contains correspondence and a number of news clippings about the Ferry, the Center for Democratic Institutions, Merton's legacy and Merton studies. «Folder title: Ping Ferry (1981-1989)»
1 - 18 undated «Folder title: Br. Columban Weber (1991-1995)»

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